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8/24 c1 Guest
8/6 c1 Guest
Continue please
5/22 c1 3Wally991
Okay, this is a good concep, and well written too. I'm all up for waiting for an update.
Now, just for fun, let's analyze what's going on in the shinobi world now that Naruto isn't there.
First, as in cannon, Damzo became the honorary Hokage, when Kumo came to Konoha to demand information about Sasuke, Konoha gave it to them, but that would be irrelevant, as any information that Konoha may have is out-dated.
Now, Kumo announced the Kage summon, everything went as cannon except that Naruto nor Sakura went to the Kage summon. Sasuke officially became a missing-nin.
Tobi made his appearance, and announced the 4th shinobi war. Why? Because at this moment in the story, both Naruto and Killer Bee are missing, with their whereabouts unknown, in Tobi's opinion, if he declares a war to obtain the Jiinchurikis, Naruto would undoubtedly come out of hidinng.
The shinobi alliance is formed. With the first priority mission being to locate the two jiinchurikis and secure them in a safe location. Konoha dealing with Naruto and Kumo with Bee. Now, as in cannon, Sasuke would kill Danzou at the bridge, but there would be no team 7 confrontantion, because Naruto dodn't go, Sakura nor Kakashi had any reason to go. Sasuke next move would be to obtain the enternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
Now Akatsuki would take advantage of the Jiinchurikis being unprotected and send Kisame after Killer Bee. He would fail, as in cannon.
Now they would send someone after Naruto too, the remaining members of Akatsuki being team taka, the kage summon having happened months ago, Sasuke would be in condition to work with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan now, Tobi too could go after him, Setsu too being available. At this point in time, if I'm not mistaken, Kabuto is part of the Akatsuki too.
So, we have a Konoha team looking for Naruto, probably Kakashi, Sakura and Sai, as Kakashi is a tracker. A team or an individual of Akatsuki looking for Naruto too. Let's not forget that Zetsu has a spy network.
Other than that, we have to keep in mind that Akatsuki is trying to get Yamato-taicho, remember that his mokuton is the key to the use of the Edo Tensei army.
After finding Naruto, they will probably want him to train with Killer Bee so he can use the Kurama's power, I mean, sending him to the turtle island is probably what they want, so he can not be found by the enemy. It's the safest location.

Of course, this are all speculations. Tobi might as well not declare the Ninja war but the Shinobi alliance may still remain, though, probably without Iwa, cuz' the only reason he accepted the alliance, if I remember correctly, is that it was "Madara Uchiha" who made the threat. Also by telling them his plan on the eternal tsukuyomi.

The thing is, going by logic. Naruto not being found by Akatsuki nor Konoha at this point in time (months after the Pain invasion) it's a stretch, but still possible. But people would be looking for him, considering that the Kage summon happened just weeks after the invasion.

On another note, does Naruto have the rinnegan? It seemed so.
If that's the case, he could use the Rinne Tensei to revive Tsunade, Hinata, and all other if it happens that they are revived by the Edo Tensei.
I mean, in cannon, that's how Madara was revived, using the Rinne Tensei in his Edo Tensei body.

Though, he may die. But Obito didn't die after being forced to use the technique. So...who knows?

Anyway, I liked your fic very much, hope you continue it!
5/15 c1 4Chaks
Looks interesting. Hopefully we’ll see more soon!
5/14 c1 Riba Nyabom
That is an interesting start.
5/13 c1 10Imperial539
A more weary Naruto is always an interesting idea, and one I don't see all too often anymore. And I do think Anastasia would be a great fit for him, so I think I want to see more of this.
5/12 c1 9m4re
5/12 c1 1EarlSilver
More please?
5/9 c1 Look2021
Good Chapter!
5/8 c1 Dahaka21
Ok, but nothing much after ok. I have seen the same story written by you in your previous account. So you just changed its skin.

Nothing much on the story as there is only angst currently.

Hope to see more in future.
5/7 c1 Yolo1509
it's an interesting relationship, although I think it would have been that kakashi had stayed dead, he was always a hypocrite for me, I hated the character when I finished the story, He really hated Shikamaru's hypocrisy, saying that Naruto was his best friend, everyone in Naruto barely noticed it, and if they noticed it they hated or detested him because it was somewhat annoying with his attitude, you know sometimes the need for attention and fake smiles are ugly, They only noticed it when he revived the whole village or when he completed the rasengan, in fact he felt empty the scene where the villagers acclaimed him as a hero, jiraiya had to die, tsunade too, suffer and fight with everything, so that the same people who I hated it, accept it, that's so disgusting.
Although Naruto ambien was bad, especially with Tsunade when he found out about the death of Jiraiya, anyway, let's see how you develop the story, I just hope there is not much sakura or kakashi, I hope you focus on the relationship of naruto and anastacia.
5/6 c1 Bagrat
Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I would love to see this pursued further,
5/6 c1 candrariski155
5/6 c1 Kurokawa Uzuna
... did she being summoned with ramen as catalyst...
5/6 c1 Kurokawa Uzuna
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