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9/14 c3 Sarthak P
9/14 c2 Sarthak P
9/14 c1 Sarthak P
8/8 c4 zalcik
great chapter
8/6 c4 Guest
Uni, lol. Kill yourself, brainless virgin loser.
8/6 c4 Blank G0D
Great job on the fic so far. I love a well-done Naruto x Ino fic and this is building to be a good one. I can't wait for more.
8/5 c4 Rodo22
The fuck is wrong with you, your such a damn idiot. Why the fuck would you let him forgive Sakura ughhh DAMN IT and you were doing so good.
8/5 c4 Marvelous Pathetic
8/4 c4 AJGuardian
It's been a long time coming. Feels like ages.
8/4 c4 John Mathew Adam
good chapter i like the way you make sakura jealous pls update more
8/4 c4 4keller.blair1
When is the next chapter you beautiful bastard and how big will this harem be please say very large I need this
8/4 c4 Guest
Does Sakura have a brain tumor or something!?
8/4 c4 Raynoval
wow does sakura have a disease ?
8/4 c4 SugamDewan
8/4 c4 Batros940
I guessing your not going to have Hinata be a part of this, but I'm curious about where she is. I'm a little disappointed to see that Naruto feels bad for Sasuke. I mean if things were the other way around, Sasuke wouldn't even bat an eye over Naruto's death.
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