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8/4 c1 Batros940
Thank you for killing off Sasuke. I never liked how he survived and was never punished for his actions in cannon.
8/4 c4 GunsXSwords
Sakura suffering o my brings me satisfaction.
8/4 c4 Guest
Cool chapter. Even though I don't like Sakura but I really felt bad for her in this chapter. She truly sounded sorry for her mistakes and I hope she is forgiven.

Also, I like the fact that you aren't going full lemon crazy with this story because I'm truly liking the development that is being done here.
8/4 c4 3jmg1988
I see this still has the same grammar mistakes from when it was originally up.
7/11 c1 ThreeKerr
update pls!
6/28 c3 John Mathew Adam
pls update more
6/28 c2 John Mathew Adam
i like this chapter
6/28 c1 John Mathew Adam
haha good chapter
6/15 c3 draculyn28
good chapter-
6/8 c3 MinaEdo
Wholesome and sexy lemon. I love it.
6/8 c3 8the green ace of clubs
Love it! Can’t wait for Tsunade to join in.
6/8 c3 Beastyd22
Awesome chapter and lemons man keep it up and update again soon as you possibly can thanks.
6/8 c3 Marvelous Pathetic
6/8 c3 1NaruLemon Stories
Finally they have done it
6/8 c3 1kuro02
I'll never get tired of naruino...they just work so well and you brought their dynamic perfectly

Also seem like ino gave up on that stupid diet cuz my girl seem to be thicc

I really can't wait to see more
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