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6/8 c3 1kuro02
I'll never get tired of naruino...they just work so well and you brought their dynamic perfectly

Also seem like ino gave up on that stupid diet cuz my girl seem to be thicc

I really can't wait to see more
6/7 c3 Look2021
Good Chapter!
6/7 c3 Guest
As usual, an amazing chapter. I'm loving the Naruto-Ino pairing. Their conversations are so wholesome. Also, the lemon was hot too. It was very decent but for me, the ending stole the show. Keep up the good work.
6/7 c3 Dr1zzy
Good one
6/7 c1 brachiosaurus
Shinmai-san, it's no understatement to say that i adore any of your stories. each paragraphs and every word was meticulously read and gaze upon, slowly progressing with no haste. that's just an example of how blissful it is reading your works, I guarantee you that.
6/7 c3 Darkdoom
I hope next chapter has inos unique marriage present tied to narutos bed. Completly naked, defenceless and wet like a fountian tsunade ready to unite the Uzumaki and senju clan with the assistence of the yamanaka clan ofcourse
6/7 c3 Guest 2
I'm just about to sleep when I see that you're updating this story, and so far I'm not regret it to read it first before sleeping
Somehow this chapter just seems so perfect, your version of Naruto and Ino is so sweet (especially at the end there, I hope you're really gonna make them married each other in the future chapter)
6/7 c3 Sazi94
Nice chapter. Can't wait to see how Tsunade's gonna come into the picture
6/7 c3 KingAllen
I don’t like where you going with Tsunade, Naruto think of Tsunade as maternal figure and Tsunade also vice versa i think Ino is enough lol
6/7 c3 1Zipzapdoowoop
Sex was cool. And pretty hot, but I really LOVE their interactions with one another. Ino's slight moments to possessive insanity, and Naruto's hidden insecurities make for a very fun duo. Good job
6/7 c3 12Dragonkyubii
Amazing chapter
5/21 c2 Look2021
Good Chapter!
5/21 c2 draculyn28
ok good chapter, greetings.
5/17 c2 MojoBlack
A very unique story. I would like to see where this goes
5/16 c2 Sazi94
Liked this chapter. Interesting story. Looking forward to more
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