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for A Soul's Desire

7/7 c11 M
Love it so far!
7/3 c11 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it! can't wait for more!
7/3 c11 Guest
urr i hate bella so much
6/27 c9 89Theadosia57
That was nice and romantic and I see where Emily’s coming from now. I just dread when Bella comes and know she’ll try to ruin it for her and be a bitch xx
6/27 c10 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
Loved it!
6/26 c9 Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
Loved it! More please?!
6/12 c8 7AussieStar
I am really loving this story, I liked the Twilight story although I was never a fan of Bella. I'm not sure if it was the character or if it was just Kristen Stewart playing the part lol...but I am loving Olivia and Paul and I can't wait until Bella comes and all the drama that's gonna come with it. Can't wait for the next chapter Thanks for sharing
6/2 c8 89Theadosia57
Surprised the Cullens didn’t react to her smell now, Emily’s acceptance after she’s hurt never sat well with me. It’s like well no one else will want me xx
6/2 c7 Theadosia57
I love how she just accepts everything as right and normal xx
5/26 c6 Theadosia57
Thank goodness she’s what he needs, the futures looking bright. I’m dreading Miss perfects arrival xx
5/26 c5 Theadosia57
New level and new dreams that could be shattered xx
5/26 c4 Theadosia57
Love that Charlie is happy with them being together xx
5/20 c4 Twin68
Great chapter, but when it comes time for Paul to change into his wolf please don’t be one of those writers where they make Paul ignore her and sty away. Please let him fight and see her and imprint and tell her everything from the start and her not go ape shit and run. She Paul’s imprint, she’s a badass . That’s why she was chosen for him. So don’t make her out to not be one. Til next time friend
5/16 c3 Theadosia57
Ah, young love. Love it xx
5/12 c2 Theadosia57
Ah she knows his name now. I’m enjoying this so far xx
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