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6/15 c2 Golden Gil
Keep em coming!
6/1 c2 KazeShini23
Moar of this great stuff please and thank you!
6/1 c2 TeemVizzle
this is so goooodddd
5/30 c2 Akuma-Heika
I suggest using the anime, unless the manga contradicts it. Key point is making sure each chapter is complete. Hard to put into words. You don't want them feeling incomplete/rushed.

Hope to see more!
5/24 c2 2The.Pumkin.Qween
There is more manga available than anime, but in my opinion I like it when it’s when the story feels immersive the first chapter was immersive and the beginning of the second was aswell but then it slowly went away as the story went on somewhere at the point when they meet the demon and sakonji. Use this information as you will I’m still gonna read your work no matter what you choose.
5/19 c1 Eldian Pride
I love the concept of this story, keep it up!
5/18 c2 The Person Of The Sea
This was a good chapter. I feel like the decision to use the manga as a reference didn’t take anything away from the reading. Though it might be worth using the anime as a basis for the more intense chapters/episodes.
I have to say that this could easily become one of my favourite reads on this site. I wish you luck with the continuation of this.
5/17 c2 Nova Sudana
Next please
5/16 c2 northwind132
This looks great! Hope for more chapters soon.
5/14 c2 ichigo15967
hey love what you have got so far cant wait to see how far you go great work
5/14 c2 8catastrophiqu
I'm fine with the manga personally.

yeah tanjiro does need some help realising stuff.

Nezuko Chan is so CUTE
5/14 c2 5Chaks
I’m not familiar with the manga, so I don’t know how different it is from the anime, but if it makes things easier, sure, go ahead and use it. Great chapter, btw. Hope to see more soon!
5/14 c2 Princegeoge
Well nice chapter I personally do not really mind on which you choose to base this fic from since it is yours after all.
5/14 c2 1bigbrownpanda
you can use whatever source you want aslong as you update quickly
5/14 c1 bigbrownpanda
Great first chapter, hope you do one atleast every week
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