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6/16 c1 97Dan Sickles
This was great! Opie is totally in character, so dumb and clueless but desperate to do the right thing. And I like the way Lyla stands up for herself!
6/9 c1 5ii L0V3 TH3 PRiiNC3
Love this and I hope we can get more. It’s so true that it was unrealistic of her to say yes. She was very real about her decision up until she married Opie. Lila te en told him at one point that she wasn’t looking to get taken care of. So it was weird that they got married after she had an abortion.
5/8 c1 1cyanisthenewblack
Great fic! This version totally makes sense
5/6 c1 15melynn36
Wow, this was absolutely amazing I never thought anyone would do a Opie and Lyla story. So I'm glad you did. I totally loved it

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