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2/21 c60 Guest
love it
2/20 c13 SMB
Hold the fuck up! The MC is the one with that Symbiotic Initiative shit? I thought that was Carmen or whatever the fuck her name is. FUCK YOU for making all this shit so ambiguious that none of the fucking shit you're saying makes any fucking sense. Droopping this shit before it rots my brain further. Fucking moRon of an author can't deliver a single fucking plot point without fucking it up.
2/20 c9 SMB
What the fuck is Reign? There's no shit like that when searching for Taimanin RPG and I'm fucking tired of not fucking knowing.
2/20 c7 SMB
She's dressed in normal clothes so fuck you for that last comment. No one knows she a fucking nun you moRon.
Now that I'm ranting I should point out that you never fucking told us his classes or anything else because you're a fucking detail hoarder that only releases shit after it's fucking used. When did the fucking MC gain two fucking classes? How the fuck can he not know what he is when he's a fucking Gamer and his powers literally tell him what he is? Fuck you again.
Hurry the fuck up and get to the DXD part that is all we're interested in reading about him fucking up.
2/20 c60 superpierce
great chapter hopefully Lilim doesn't die.
2/20 c42 TheReaper2004
This is such a great story! I can't believe I didn't read it ages ago, since someone complained about the story containg rape, but it has Taimanin in it, so that should be self-explanatory enough.
2/18 c60 FateBurn
Good chapter
2/18 c60 fanreader18
Cliffhangers. The bane of anyone that likes to read. I hope you actually end the next chapter.
2/18 c60 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
2/18 c60 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
... Oh for God's sake can't anything be fucking easy for once
2/17 c60 terralord19901
Thanks for the chapter.
2/15 c27 Locothehood
What is the reign stat ?
1/27 c59 superpierce
Good chapter really intense
1/27 c59 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
1/27 c59 FateBurn
good chapter
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