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for Hell's Hunter

11/20/2021 c1 Phoenix God-King
Where is your other account because I can't find it.
6/22/2021 c2 Guest
All of them but the crying one
5/24/2021 c3 McLoggernaut
I am sorry for your loss, it was a good first chapter and I was looking forward to more. Best of luck with your writing!
5/18/2021 c3 6XxBATxX
Oh dang. That really sucks. I hope that your day gets better. I'm so sorry.
5/8/2021 c1 11Alexandra Goddess of Heroes
I only clicked on this story bc I use the same profile pic for my school account. If you made it thats really awesome, if you didn't, u still awesome as hell.
5/7/2021 c1 1dxlxtxd xccxxnt
i think that scene shift or whatever people call it was a bit too quick(from the town whatever to when they stop for water or whatever).
you could add a lot more there but this is still good so far. i would rate this a 6 maybe a 7,5 because of the nice idea

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