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5/29/2021 c5 9HighQueenP
why I have this feeling that Barry and Jessica's paths will cross for sure and maybe he will help her
5/20/2021 c4 HighQueenP
oh no that stupid William is back and he continues to be a prick. really?
5/15/2021 c3 HighQueenP
Wow, what was that and who is that Jessica and what happened to her? and who was the woman who in a way saved Barry and Toby?
5/15/2021 c2 HighQueenP
It is glad that Toby and Barry continue to be friends and Barry actually have a job as a scientist, but I see Toby has some problems. Cody is so cute
5/8/2021 c1 HighQueenP
Wow. poor Barry, He didn't do anything but because people already judge him because of what he said, nobody believed him and he poor guy went to that clinic for 10 years.
wonder what will happened.
By the way the events of Avenger Endgame happened in 2023.

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