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for Kiss of a Mer: Clack

5/19 c2 19Zimithrus1
New and fun for a loud, but also new and fun for me! I love it!can't wait to see more! :3
5/17 c2 CloudNTifa4Ever
This is so freakin adorable. I love the FF7 ones! I can’t wait to see what happens next for Cloud.

I feel bad for Tifa... kinda losing her best friend. I don’t blame her for reacting the way she did. It’s not like Cloud can keep a phone on him and call her. I mean, I guess there might be some type of water proof walkie talkies, but obviously they went really deep into the ocean... So that probably wouldn’t work.

If Tifa and Aerith don’t really have a lot of people on land they should just join them. Or at least get some scuba gear to visit, lol.

Love this story!
5/7 c1 MyaChanUwU
Oh boy,oh boy
5/7 c1 Zimithrus1

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