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5/17 c6 Guest
Excellent. Thanks.
5/15 c6 1Iciclebuns
Yeaaa! I love how you brought up the bowling trophy story! It's such a fun ep where you really get to see their personalities shine. And the reference to it here just tied up the beginning of their relationship to the end so nicely. Well done!
5/15 c6 Guest1
Oh my. Your take on these two months was just so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you for writing it! And please please please consider giving us your take on the homecoming and the days following!
5/15 c6 50GoldenGirlSherry
Amazing and beautiful job! Yes Tony: No more games!
5/14 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed this story. It went by too quickly. Hope their is a sequel :-/
5/14 c6 10bostonbarmaid
My heart! Such a great last line. I loved reading this story. You did a great job showing us their pride and confusion, and how they both struggled without the other. I think you should definitely add more! The line of dragging it out is nowhere to be seen as far as I'm concerned. Now we'll need to know how their reunion goes, and the first couple of days back in CT, and their elopement ... etc.
5/12 c5 50GoldenGirlSherry
Oh Angela is kidding herself. She isn't getting through this. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
5/12 c4 GoldenGirlSherry
Oh man poor Tony! I am glad that he isn't interested in dating other women. And Mona's message was great especially this part: "then again you've both been impossible from the start." LOL

Great job!
5/11 c5 1Iciclebuns
Oh, I'm so glad you rifled through why Angela didn't go to Tony's ceremony! That was needed, in my opinion. The whole trio of finale eps was just a great big, "wait - WHAT?", and you smooth down the edges with such great care. This is PAINful.
5/11 c4 1SocoMama
Loving this story, and as said previously, really don't love S8 stories. But this continues to feel like you're connecting the dots perfectly - they are exactly in character and in fact I prefer these people to our Season 8 T&A :). I loved the scene where she goes into his room. And of course The Way We Were. It's a little annoying that the other three (is it VioletStella who dubbed them the Enough is Enough club? The S8 That Lives in My Head?) didn't intervene more to push these two back together. There were plenty more messages that could have been relayed, hints dropped, etc. as Mona does here. You write so beautifully, Markaleen, and know these characters so well – can't wait for the next chapter!
5/11 c5 16stayathomemum
Poor Angela, isn't getting through this very well. But the end of her loneliness is in sight, finally.
5/11 c5 10bostonbarmaid
Awwww, poor Angela. The to-do list at the end of the chapter reminds me of the ABBA song "The Day Before You Came". The enumeration of mundane tasks and obligations. It's going to be a day just like all the others before and after it ... except not. She just doesn't know it yet. (At least if I'm understanding the timeline correctly.)
5/11 c4 1Iciclebuns
Oh, this is exCRUciating! I thought the couple of minutes on the show covering this time was bad. But this is laying me out! It scares me when he's only hearing half of what Ned said. It's beautiful when Tony converts his current pain into what Angela went through in Iowa. But I just love how you put in that the difference between Marie and Angela was that Marie would always be with him, and he wasn't allowed that with Angela. This whole story is just deliciously painful! I'm so excited to keep reading!
5/10 c4 16stayathomemum
I'm so glad he wasn't looking at other women. Tony, call Angela already!
5/10 c3 2SteppinOut87
Ooof, her wandering into his old room, it being a bit of a shell of what it used to be when he lived there, and her quietly observing old things, then crawling into his bed. The heartache.
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