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4/12 c15 Abby905
Muy bonita y entretenida historia
10/12/2022 c27 noro
Wonderful ending to an amazing story excellent writing
6/29/2022 c3 gorin1202m
Loving this story es so much! The third time I have read them. Hiatus is a beeesh!
6/12/2022 c1 Amanda
Honestly I watched the Willoughbys and I saw that this was a song name title I thought it was that song from the movie because it fit so well with Olivia and the family but I really like this song by Sara bareilles and this story always gets me emotional
5/1/2022 c27 SatineBB-8
I finally finished this story. It was such a wonderful story can’t wait to read the next installment! Love new baby name!
4/2/2022 c27 Guest
Fantastic ending! Loved this part of their story so much. Now on to Chasing the Sun. Thanks.
3/18/2022 c27 reallyhb
The story was so so so good. Second time around and I fell more in love with it
3/12/2022 c18 SatineBB-8
Gosh I was hoping Olivia wasn’t going sleep with him and was hoping Elliot would kick his ass. Thank goodness no one was serious hurt!
3/5/2022 c6 SatineBB-8
This chapter was sweet especially all the gifts Olivia gave to Elliot and her children. The gift Elliot gave Olivia was very touching! The wedding was perfect.
3/5/2022 c3 SatineBB-8
This chapter made my heart break and tear up. Olivia not knowing her insecurities and Elliot over hearing Liv’s conversation with Alex. All of it broke my heart.
3/5/2022 c2 SatineBB-8
Oh my goodness this chapter made me so happy! What a wonderful chapter!
2/22/2022 c27 Cynthia
Loved this & 1000 times! So so good! Glad I came across these! Can't wait to read chasing the sun!‼️‼️
1/14/2022 c27 Leo Thompson1
I absolutely loved parts 1 and 2 can’t wait to read part 3. You have a wonderful way with words. Like you a have dyslexia keep doing what your doing.
12/1/2021 c27 Ashlea Davies
I know I’m late to the party but this was just beautiful and so wonderful. I absolutely loved this.
7/23/2021 c20 Guest
This chapter was beautiful. The pain and emotion was raw and real and told with so much power. As someone who lost a pregnancy, I know the grief never stops. The pain never goes away and never gets easier, and you showed just how raw and horribly painful it really is. He gave her everything she needed in that moment which was nothing more than just to be there. This one will take a while to recover from, but you should know that your words are powerful and true.
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