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6/7/2021 c16 Guest
The Benson/Stabler saga is one for the books and it ain’t over yet.
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
Absolutely loved Noah,Richie,and Elliot’s father/son bonding time.
They need to use pet names with each other all the time now. Lol
6/7/2021 c16 16justanotherbookworm78
This was such a sweet chapter! It was great seeing the family adjust to having baby Noah as a member of the family, and I loved how Olivia reassured the kids that just because she and Elliot had a child of their own, it didn't mean she would love them any less. I also enjoyed the flashback scenes that you included. I'm sure it was stressful dealing with Noah's first fever, but it was a relief seeing that it was just a minor cold. It was also nice seeing James, Noah, and their wives come over for dinner. Another of my favorite parts was that Elliot and Olivia honored the second anniversary of the adoption day by making it such a special event for the kids. I had to smile when they started their campaign to get a dog, and have a feeling Olivia will eventually wear Elliot down.
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
I loved the moment with Maureen and Olivia at the hospital.
And the flashback with the twins was adorable. They’ve always been in love.
And I’m the show too! Always in love. Can’t convince me otherwise.
6/7/2021 c16 spacekitten2700
6/7/2021 c16 ManderleyLane
Yay for another chapter! Yay for you being on Twitter!

Wide-eyed Richie with the “That’s my brother?” tugged at my Momma heartstrings.

Ooh, wee Noah is a chunk-a-monk! Good job with that unmedicated birth, Olivia.

Gah! Bernie holding him? Cue the tears.

Okay... the entire flashback scene with the kidlets at the hospital was bang on. Loved the moments between Liv and Maureen.

Elliot and Liv’s conversation in bed was so cute and so in character.

Ah! The three boys... LOVE!

Love that Liv wanted to interrogate the perp! It’s been too long for our girl. The visit to the precinct whilst brief was perfect. Enjoyed the dinner with friends. And the wee baby not feeling well is too much! The flashback to the twins made me all warm and fuzzy. You write them so naturally. Your words flow. I could picture them at the kitchen sink bathing the little lad and all the chat it included.

“We made that...”. PLEASE. I love this man!

The adoption day anniversary was great. The kids and their color coded dog care chart is so cute!


Love this as always. Will read anything you write.
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
So what kind of dog are they getting?
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
The flashback to her helping with the twins got me. Made Me remember that beginning angst in 1000% times and my heart ached. Look how far they have come! Beautiful, just beautiful!
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
Lol! Elliot is SO SCREWED. They are 100% getting a dog.
6/7/2021 c16 Jen
You joining Twitter made my entire day. And an early update was the cherry on top. Thank you!
6/7/2021 c16 Guest
I love this story and how in love the two of them are.
6/7/2021 c15 Guest
I'm in love with the name Noah James! More please!
6/7/2021 c15 Guest
Just found this story & love it so much! Stayed up the last few nights reading it. Thank you for giving us everything we've ever wanted! Loved this chapter & the arrival of sweet baby Noah! You can never have enough EO babies! I hope they have more! A little girl would be sweet!
6/7/2021 c15 25Lilou004
This is so Amazing !
6/6/2021 c15 moviemel
I love love love that name! Noah James Stabler is the name I would have always picked for thier son. It just goes so well together. That was awesome that she gave birth at the station. Seems like the perfect place to do so. So glad baby Noah is here safely. Can't wait for more!
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