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6/3/2021 c13 os31
Love domestic bliss EO stories! Thanks for this story and update!
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
This was a good one. I really hope that drama isn’t Olivia getting hurt or an early baby delivery!
6/2/2021 c13 moviemel
Such a great chapter! I love domestic EO fluff! How cute was Richie dressing up as his daddy! So adorable! And I love protective Elliot! Flipping out over the perp coming at Liv. And worried constantly about her doing too much. I love it! You said drama is coming which has me worried for Liv & baby. Just try to be kind to us because I fear we have a rough night ahead of us tomorrow and will need your EO to get us through a tough summer!
6/2/2021 c13 spacekitten2700
please more
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
I love the balance of the disagreements but they always came back to each other. They have to come back together right? On the show they will find their way back to each other hopefully.
6/2/2021 c13 16justanotherbookworm78
Though it had it's ups and downs, (and moments of Elliot putting his foot in his mouth) this was yet another wonderful chapter. After his comments at the beginning, I knew a fight/discussion about Jo Marlowe would be inevitable. While I don't doubt that some of her insecurities are no doubt driven by her pregnancy, I think Olivia's hesitation is valid. Elliot never did mention that Jo was a woman, so it's easy to see why there would be some tension on the subject. I'm glad they were able to get past it, like I knew they would. Then there was the incident at work. Though I understand her need to be back in the swing of things, I agree with the others that Olivia put herself in a dangerous position by interrogating that suspect. At that point, she had to contend with not only Elliot's concern, but Fin, John, and even Cragen. I do feel that perhaps they went a bit overboard in admonishing her, but I know that their hearts were all in the right place. It was good that after Olivia calmed down she realized her error and promised to keep her duties to desk work only.

The other thing I loved about this installment was the ongoing theme of Halloween. Richie was so cute with his enthusiasm over his costume, and I loved how Olivia was going above and beyond to make sure the kids were happy. When Richie changed his mind at the last minute, saying he wanted to be a different superhero, I had an idea of what it was he wanted, and it made my heart melt. Elliot's reaction to his son choosing him as a hero was beautiful, as was when Richie saved his prized King Size candy bar for his mother. Maureen's conversation with her father was a bit bittersweet, as her worries about her resemblance to Kathy might make her more like the woman who gave birth to her, but I loved Elliot's reassurance that she is her own person. Last but not least, Elliot and Olivia curled up together, sharing the candy bar and getting ready to watch a horror movie, I couldn't think of a better ending for this chapter.
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
Is if only we could get this level of fluff on Thursday night!
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
Awwww. I can’t. This was so dang cute.
6/2/2021 c13 ManderleyLane
Love love love EO domesticity so much. Richie is the cutest ever! And Liv? What the hell? She’s losing her edge thinking the lads wouldn’t find out she was in interrogation.

Loved this chapter as always.
6/2/2021 c13 88FearlessHeartSVU
Aww how sweet. I love how Richie wanted to be Elliot for Halloween. I got a little scare that as he was heading home he’d get in a car accident or something lol. Such a sweet story.
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
Just when I think I’ve reached peak love of this story you hit me with this adorableness? Geesh! Precious! Thanks for giving us some fluff!
6/2/2021 c13 Guest
Richie choosing to be Elliot just freaking melted my heart officially! Precious!

Thank you for adding this in instead of throwing a curveball at us (at least for now lol I know it’s coming though!)

The mini fights had me laughing lol! Hormones! Am I right? And the coffee and donuts. So cute! I like that you weave real storylines in (like O not knowing Jo was a woman) in when you can. Great story! Still hooked!
6/2/2021 c12 1Dempeo4ever81
cant wait for more
5/31/2021 c12 25Lilou004
Wow ! I can't wait to read what you have for this story It's awesome !
5/31/2021 c12 Guest
This was the best. Thank you. Still dreaming of them being married on the show.
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