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7/22/2021 c27 snap
OMG I LOVE THIS STORY! I've read part 1 and 2 and can't wait to start reading part 3. You encapsulate the characters traits so well that I feel like this could have been a real series. You are a fantastic writer. :)
7/6/2021 c27 Guest
7/3/2021 c27 1Dempeo4ever81
can't wait for the next one
7/1/2021 c27 nycdreamer2007
Such a precious, precious ending! Thank you for gracing us with your beautiful stories!
6/30/2021 c27 47WriterKC
All women are rockstars. You're Wonder Woman." He smiled and leaned down to kiss her, "My Wonder Woman."

Leaning against him, she smiled, "You know the other day at of the people I was interviewing talked about her husband. She said she made the wrong choice. That if she had the chance to pick again...she would."

He shifted so he could see her better, and gave her a nervous look, "Is this the part where you tell me you want to choose again? Find another man?"

She laughed and shook her head, "No's my way of telling you that if I had to choose again. I'd still choose you. I'd choose you 1000 times, I'd choose you in this life, in every life."

He sighed, leaned down and pressed his forehead to hers, "Liv...I will always choose you."

She smiled, kissed him softly and rested against him again before looking at her daughter. She was so grateful, so content, so happy and so loved. And there was still so much more to come…

PERFECTION. Thank you for bringing this sweet family to life with this series. I’m glad there will be a part 3
6/30/2021 c27 moviemel
Beautiful! Perfect way to end the story! Welcome Sophia Grace! Looking forward to part 3 to see what adventures my favorite family is up to next!
6/29/2021 c27 16justanotherbookworm78
I couldn't imagine a better ending for this story than what you've given us here. It was so beautiful, and I love that Sophia was born on Thanksgiving. I was amused that Olivia went into labor at the precinct again, but at least she was able to get to the hospital this time. Although, I laughed out loud when Elliot nearly left without her. Oh, and the ending, when you tied in the title of the story/song with Olivia and Elliot's words to each other? Sheer perfection! Looking forward to part three of this saga whenever you are able to publish it!
6/29/2021 c27 rubys
One word: beautiful!
I can't wait for 3rd story.
6/29/2021 c27 iacono24
My heart is made soup! I'm sad because it's over and happy that there is a third part. I can't wait to see what happens. It's all so cute.
Thank you for your great work.
6/29/2021 c27 Guest
What a beautiful and happy ending.
6/29/2021 c27 HotMess6313
For a minute I expected a “plot twist” thought Liv was gonna surprise El and say we’re having twins, LOL! Sad to see this come to a close- I really enjoyed this one!
6/29/2021 c27 Guest
So much sweetness. Congratulations on the completion of another great story. Can’t wait for part 3! You write EO so well!
6/29/2021 c27 Rosalie Sandres
Aaaaaaaaaaaa sou tão apaixonada por essa história que nem tenho palavras para descrever a perfeição que ela é
6/29/2021 c27 6EvilRegal10
This story and the entire series is top notch. I can’t begin to explain how happy I was every time I saw the update notification. You are just so good that you make it look easy because you update so frequently but never sacrifice the quality but I bet it’s hard af so thank you even more. All you’ve done, everything, is deeply appreciated and loved. You are a godsend and I can’t wait for more and more and more. I honestly hope you never get tired of writing. Your story is a safe place for me where I’ll definitely go back whenever I feel like I need the extra distraction from the bad thoughts and difficult times because that’s what I’ve been doing already this entire time. Thank you so much. I’m excited for the next one, I know it will be just as awesome. Brilliant job
6/29/2021 c27 ManderleyLane
“I'll post it when I'm ready.”

Liv making Cragen nervous… poor guy.

Love the picture you painted of a very pregnant Olivia sitting in that chair with her eyes closed taking everything in.

Smart man.
“He tried not to laugh because he knew that would make things worse, "Liv…"

Every pregnant woman knows what that “Oh” means.
"No. I need her out. Get out. Get out. Get out!" She looked down and grimaced as she kicked hard again. "Come on baby girl...Momma has been kind. Shared her organs with you. Fed you. Let you grow. Now do me a favor and get the hell-" Her eyes went wide and she inhaled sharply, "Oh."

I can just SEE him.
"Oh no. No. Olivia Benson Stabler...don't you dare tell me you just went into labor again at the precinct."
"Son of a bitch." He looked at his boss, "Cap! I gotta go!" He ran to his desk started looking for his keys and phone, "Why did you come down here anyway?"

She’s the cutest.
“She smiled sweetly at him and shrugged, "Coincidence?"

The blocking out is so fecking true.
She growled, "I think I blocked this out. Get me out of here."

Gah! LOVE that he took off without her and Cragen is the best ever. So perfect that both Liv and Cragen sighed in response to Elliot taking off alone.
“Cragen sighed, "How long is it going to take him to come back? Should I go get the bed ready upstairs?"

Cutest boy ever. Oh, Elliot.
“He quickly reached for her and carefully pulled her to her feet, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Oof. I felt this.
"Come here baby…" Holding Noah close, she felt tears burning in her eyes, a rush of emotions ran through her, "I love you little man."

Without a doubt. Even those who don’t give birth whatever the reason may be.
“Women, he thought, were the real superheroes in the world.”

So glad they made it to the hospital for Sophia’s birth.

The good ones always hide the needle. Always.
“Then she saw the needle and shrunk back, "On second thought…"

Love this!
“Elliot helped ease Olivia onto her side and then reached out to massage her shoulders, "You okay?"
She sighed and closed her eyes, "No. But...I'm fine."

Holy hell. That flashback did me in. I was reading it and was feeling wistful. I could see the differences between this Kathy and Olivia and then bang… Elliot asks her if she wants kids and I am all up in my feels and a blubbering mess for the rest of the flashback. It’s too much, but it’s not and it’s all just so perfectly wonderful.

You know what? I can’t.
“He smiled as she finished telling him the memory, " found the right guy?"
She breathed him in and nodded against his chest, "I found the right guy."

I really don’t think I can. Does that make it clearer? (You know I love it.)
“She sighed and held him closer, "It was only ever going to be you El. I know that now. It was only ever going to be you."

Oh, Liv. I feel for you, girl.
"She hates me. She's not even born yet and she hates me." She mumbled as some tears fell from her eyes.

Once again… the cutest.
“Elliot beamed at her, leaned in and kissed her softly, "Hell yeah."

Laughed out loud at this! Olivia has the right idea.
"I'll drive behind you in the van everywhere we go." She said with a smirk, "With Scout. That will be my solitude."

This took my breath away. I had to stop here for a bit to take it all in and the emotions it evokes. Gorgeous writing. Thank you for sharing your talent.
“She squeezed his hand as tight as possible and pushed with all the strength she had left. People were yelling at her to keep going and she focussed on nothing but the thought of holding Sophia. She knew this was the last pregnancy. Knew this was the last time she had to experience it. And while that was a good thing in the moment, she also felt bittersweet. And she thought of their child. Their lost child and the emotions coursed through her. She felt Elliot beside her and knew he was thinking the same thing. And as she pushed hard again, she heard a cry. A loud, powerful, beautiful cry that signaled her daughter was here. After all they had been through, she was here.”

See above comment. Repeat. This is beautifully put into words.
“He was staring at her with wide eyes, like she was the most precious, perfect thing in the world. Tears prickled in her eyes as she watched him. This was his sixth child, he'd done this before. He'd experienced this moment with all of his children and yet, he still acted like it was so rare and so beautiful. Biting her lip, she hoped he didn't see her. She wanted to live in this moment and just enjoy it.”

Every word Elliot said to his Sophia Grace is gorgeous. And this? Just… wow. This.
“Her daughter's protector had it all under control. He always would.”

How awesome is he? Wicked awesome I tell you.
“You can say no…" He whispered, "I know you're exhausted and with good reason. But I thought...if we couldn't have Thanksgiving at home. We'd bring Thanksgiving to us."

The ending could not have been better. SERIOUSLY! Love how you incorporated the titles and completed the story, but left us knowing there is more.

Well done, friend. Well done. I know I will re-read this one again and again.
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