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5/14/2021 c4 Guest
Lighthearted and loving! Just what I needed after the terrible terrible scene last night!
5/14/2021 c4 Guest
Soooo what I needed after last night. Still screaming at my fing TV. UGH! Anyway - this was adorable and so sweet. So heartfelt! I’m happy for their little family! Can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/14/2021 c4 Guest
Just what I needed after that horribleness last night.
5/14/2021 c4 Taylor
I’m convinced you want me to cry every time you post a chapter
5/14/2021 c4 moviemel
Awww what a wonderfully sweet chapter! We needed that after last night. What was that? I'm still in shock and needed this to help me recover. I'm not giving up on our couple yet but we have already waited so long and lost so much time that I don't want to wait anymore and don't want anymore people or complications coming between them. That is why I love this story. You are giving us everything we lost. Thank you!
5/14/2021 c4 16justanotherbookworm78
What a beautiful chapter. How lovely for them to take a family vacation together after the adoption was finalized. As someone who is adopted (even though it was as an infant), I have a soft spot for stories where Olivia adopts the Stabler children as her own, and the scenes at the courthouse had me teary eyed. Likewise, the moment at the end when Richie was worried that he and his siblings would be 'replaced' if his his father and new mother ever had children of their own broke my heart. I loved the way Olivia reassured him. It was also good to see her and Elliot discuss wedding plans that they were both comfortable with, and it's good to know that the ceremony will be happening. Can't wait to see how this story continues to play out, I'm loving it so much!
5/14/2021 c4 17Bethxxx0409
Cutest chapter. Was smiling the whole time reading it
5/14/2021 c4 13greenfanfic304
You know that actor who played Eli would fit in this family at least 10 years later because he looks like Olivia's kid.
5/14/2021 c4 ManderleyLane
So happy you posted this today. Still recovering from last night. This chapter was light and fun and wonderfully soothing.
5/14/2021 c3 moviemel
Wow this chapter had me sweating. I'm glad they worked it all out though. I totally get Liv not wanting a big wedding. I'd feel the exact same way. I like the idea of a small intimate wedding. Hope we get that soon!
5/13/2021 c3 Guest
My anxiety went crazy there at the scene in the precinct. I could feel something coming! Then Heard her say the line and my heart DROPPED. I knew she didn’t mean it but DAMN. So glad it worked out though! Hoping for some sweetness to follow in the coming chapters. As long as there are ups with the downs...a little balance!
5/13/2021 c3 Cindydaly
That was intense! I can totally see where Olivia was coming from. I think Elliot overreacted at first and that didn’t help her insecurities at all. I’m glad they were able to talk it all out.
5/13/2021 c3 Benslerfan4ever
Now she has to tell Alex though. Lol!
5/12/2021 c3 16justanotherbookworm78
What an intense chapter! I can understand that Olivia isn't having second thoughts at all, she's just feeling overwhelmed by the perceived expectations. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't want all that, either. What's important is that she is marrying the man she loves, and adopting four kids who she adores more than anything. It's unfortunate there were so many misunderstandings, and that Elliot was hurt as a result, but I'm glad they were able to talk things out. That's all that really matters.
5/12/2021 c3 7becky207
Lordy that was an intense chapter
Fully worried it going to be left on a cliff hanger argument - thank you for not doing that
Can’t wait for the next chapter
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