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5/10/2021 c2 chasingjava
First off, happy happy birthday! And thank you for posting an update on your special day! I’ve gotta say that I was in tears when those adoption papers came out of that bag. Adoption is a very personal subject for me and I’m always so relieved and thrilled when it’s portrayed positively. You did a wonderful job with the proposal and the adoption ask and an even better job in getting us and Liv to a place where she could accept and embrace both so joyously and with a full heart. Great update!
5/10/2021 c2 Ninjagirl43
Awe wonderful chapter.
5/10/2021 c2 Benslerfan4ever
Beautiful! And Happy Birthday!
5/10/2021 c2 16justanotherbookworm78
First things first - Happy Birthday! It may be your special day, but we're definitely the ones who've been given the gift with this update. This was such a touching chapter, and I loved every second of reading it. The special moments between Olivia and Kathleen as they spent a day at home together, the way Elliot tried to care for them both. Most importantly, the way all of the Stablers went above and beyond to make Olivia's birthday a day she would never forget, and for all the right reasons. I had a tear in my eye as the kids presented her with adoption papers and asked her to officially be their mother. Then, when Elliot proposed, that was just so beautiful. Even though I knew she was going to say yes, I was still so emotional. Then, when they were back at work sharing their wonderful news, I was beyond thrilled that everyone was so happy for them. Love this story so much!
5/10/2021 c2 47WriterKC
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
Thank you for this chapter. It was the absolute best.
5/10/2021 c2 Taylor
Oh my god you’re ruining my life in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE! My heart can’t take it
5/10/2021 c2 viva1215
Amazing job. I am so happy for Team Stabler.
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
I blame you for the fact that my roommate thinks I’m crazy because I was ugly crying during this chapter. Seriously ugly crying.

So damn sweet! Every single moment was adorable and I was living for it!
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
This was the best chapter ever. I could not love it more. It was all so perfect and all the details were wonderful. Happy birthday!
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
Oh if this could only bereal
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
My heart. My dang heart. I’m crying. This couldn’t have been more perfect.
5/10/2021 c2 Guest
Partners for Life

Girrrrrl! When I say I squealed like a baby during this chapter multiple times...I literally can’t handle it! My babies! If only..

Thank God for fanfiction like this! Can’t wait for more. I know our favorite couple will navigate whatever obstacles you throw at them. They can handle anything!
5/10/2021 c2 ManderleyLane
I LOVED EVERY FREAKING WORD OF THIS CHAPTER! Madly in love with domestic EO and this family in particular.

Happy birthday to you and thank you for gifting us on your day.
5/10/2021 c2 GBP6313
Happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day! Thank you for the update! Love it! Can’t wait for the ups and downs!
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