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6/26/2021 c26 spacekitten2700
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6/26/2021 c26 47WriterKC
The domesticity in this chapter was so sweet and lifelike. I hope they get to meet Sophia soon :)
6/26/2021 c26 ManderleyLane
I have to comment on your author’s note first.

So agree with every word!
“Pregnant Olivia is my favorite. Still makes me sad we never got that...especially with Elliot at her side. This is the last time in this series we'll see that. Makes me sad...but I guess it just means I'll have to write it in another story ;)”

“And then Part 3 titled: "Chasing the Sun" will be out soon. First three chapters are already written! Hope you're still in for the ride.”

The AC being out. I get it, Liv. I GET it. Loved the convo between daughter and Dad.

I can just picture it! And because I am not Elliot, I laughed out loud.
“He looked and saw the kids still outside with Scout clearly not ready to come into the house. Maureen pointed with her finger and he turned to see his wife standing in the kitchen leaning over the open fridge. He bit his lip, willing himself to not laugh.”

Gah! Loved every single thing about this scene!
She shut the fridge door and glared at him, "I can still want to have sex with you and hate you. Makes it hotter actually."

He’s the best.
“He moved to the freezer, took out a popsicle and handed it to her, "Take this. Go sit on the couch and I'll get to work. Put up your feet. And when this is all done I'll get dinner started, okay?"

They are the literal cutest! You write domestic EO like no one else.
“She sucked on the pop again and sighed, "No. You can't. When your kids go to bed tonight you're soooo getting lucky. Hope you're up for it old man."

I really liked the picture you painted of Elliot coming home after a case like that. The contrast between work and home is conveyed so well.

Sigh. Love this. Love them. Love how write them.
“He was so absorbed in thought, he didn't hear the shower curtain move. But he felt her hands on his chest and he immediately sighed with relief. His anchor in the storm. She pressed her lips to his neck and he felt her belly press against his back. A smile, the first genuine smile in days filled his face, "Hi."

My eyes were already watering, then this?!
“He swallowed the lump in his throat, closed his eyes and held her close. His thumbs began rubbing circles against her belly. He felt a quick kick and he smiled, "Hi baby girl…"

The entire shower scene touched so many facets of their relationship. Thank you for that.

I love how much Elliot loves his wife and their children. And I love that he shows it.
“Resting his hand above her navel he smiled when he felt another kick. A sign of life. This miracle of a life. A little part of him and a little part of his wife. His beautiful wife.”

Yes, full circle. Good placement of the Ethan scene.
“He took a deep breath and smiled, "I guess that night led us right here…"

I am in love with this guy.
“Rolling over and climbing off the bed he reached for his sweatpants, "Telling me will just make it easier for all of us. Otherwise I'm going to have to try to guess."

Good God, Ashley. Cripes! Desperate much?

The candles broke the dam for me.

I could barely read the ending through my tears. I couldn’t love this story any more if I tried.
6/26/2021 c25 Guest
These stories are all I’ve ever wanted.
6/25/2021 c25 Guest
Just the best. Absolute best. I’m so happy it’s a girl.
6/25/2021 c25 Guest
Yay! Yay!
6/25/2021 c25 16justanotherbookworm78
Loved this chapter, especially that it included both Mother's and Father's day activities. Such a relief that Olivia's pregnancy is progressing so smoothly this time around. I can understand why everyone is on edge after what happened the last time. But it made me so happy to get them to be able to share the news - even if the first time of Maureen finding out was a bit of a slip up. Then, when Elliot learned he was getting another daughter was just priceless. Also loved the scene with Olivia and Cragen, it was very moving.
6/25/2021 c25 1Dempeo4ever81
can't wait for more
6/25/2021 c25 Guest
An EO baby girl is all I’ve ever wanted. So so so happy.
6/25/2021 c25 Guest
Just catch me crying early on a Friday morning over this fictional family. Obsessed. Love them!
6/25/2021 c25 Guest
Every single second of this chapter was ADORABLE. I’m so happy! Things coming full circle for our family. Their circus will be complete in a few months! So awesome!
6/24/2021 c25 Guest
Absolutely adorable. I love this so much. Can’t wait for little Olivia.
6/24/2021 c25 Guest
I’m living for all the sweet family moments. I loved the ending part with Richie. So sweet.
6/25/2021 c25 moviemel
Awwww an EO daughter is all I ever wanted! Yay! Best chapter yet! Thank you for updating early! So appreciate it!
6/24/2021 c25 4agirlwhothinksbeyond
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