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6/24/2021 c24 1Dempeo4ever81
cant wait for more
6/24/2021 c24 Guest
Equal parts sexy and sweet! LOVED this chapter! Can’t wait to see how it wraps up and then look forward to seeing how part 3 plays out! Super talented writer!
6/24/2021 c24 16justanotherbookworm78
What a beautiful chapter. Elliot and Olivia really deserved their getaway, though I understood her reluctance to leave Noah (as well as the other kids). It was good for them to have some much needed alone time, and they definitely made the most of it. I was amused by Richie's comment that they had been encouraging to Noah to try and walk in his parents absence, and Olivia's shock and upset, that probably wasn't all that put on. She'd have been devastated to have missed such an important milestone in her son's life. So glad that everyone was able to witness Noah's first steps. Couldn't imagine a better ending to this chapter.
6/23/2021 c24 spacekitten2700
6/23/2021 c24 Soft-Kitty-Bazinga
This was all kinds of hot
6/23/2021 c24 ManderleyLane
Oh! I love her. The little dude better not take his first step whilst Momma and Daddy are away.
“Olivia scooped him up and held him close, "Hi baby. Don't do anything life changing or super cute while we're gone. Okay?" Noah snuggled in closser and her heart melted, "Can I just sneak him in my carryon?"

Yes! He got away with one.
"Babe, wake up."

Ha! Good one.
"How to get along with a difficult partner. I think I should go to that one."

That whole scene was sweet and playful with a touch of bittersweet thrown in when they spoke of missing their work partnership.

They ARE never big enough, are they?
“Ten minutes later, Olivia emerged from the bathroom wrapped in only the small hotel towel.”

I know truth when I sees it.
“He also damn sexy.”

Sigh… her whole name…
“He groaned and his hand reached out to her, tangling his hands in her hair, "Olivia…"

You write the most amazing love scenes, sweet, tender, romantic, and MORE. And they are always different. I love how you find different words and ways to put them together to make each sex scene unique. This one was amazingly awesome.

Oh how I love people in love.
“He scooped her up, and she wrapped her arms around his waist again laughing as he let them both drop into the water. It felt good to be so damn happy again.”

I refrained from copying and pasting the entire scene in the Jeep because I loved every bloody moment of it. EVERY word. And then this just made my heart happy…
“She wrapped her arms around his middle and squeezed tight, feeling the broken pieces of herself falling back into place.”

Yes, yes, yes. Super important.
"We should try and make more time for us. Just you and me. Not necessarily always a trip away. But...we need more date nights. To check in."

This made me cry. It’s beautiful and authentic and not everyone has the support they give each other. I absolutely adore how you write them.
"But you were my rock too. This...this was a lot. It was harder than I ever could have imagined. And part of me will never get over it completely. Neither will you. But we're here. And we still have a life to live."

Thank God I replenished my tissue supply.
“Her safe place.”

PERFECT! And their banter is fantastic!
“She smiled and leaned down to kiss him again, "I love vacation Elliot and Olivia. They are fun."

Agree, Liv!
“She giggled, "Well as long as he didn't walk…"

Richie with the present bag… too cute.

And this is adorable!
“Maureen shrugged, "I promised Mom I wouldn't let him do anything major until she got back!"

This is beautiful.
“Elliot held on as long as he could and watched in amazement as the young boy began to move towards his wife. Even on his fifth kid, this moment was everything to him. Especially getting to share it with Olivia. He saw the look on her face. The look of pure love and excitement. He wanted to commit this to memory.”

Can’t reach for the tissue fast enough.
“Noah smiled at his Mom as he got closer and closer but she just sat there, arms wide open, ready to catch him if needed. But he never fell. He walked all the way up to her, stopped in front of her and said, "Momma."

I can’t get enough of this story. I can’t get enough of your writing.
6/23/2021 c24 Guest
Fantastic as always. I loved every single thing and part of this chapter. These chapters continue to blow me away every single time.
6/23/2021 c24 Guest
Two updates in one night? So amazing. I love all the Elliot and Olivia worlds you have created. They are all so realistic and just so darn amazing.
6/23/2021 c24 7becky207
All the feels and all the love!
6/22/2021 c23 Guest
Love love love! Can’t wait for their trip and some alone time!
6/21/2021 c23 Guest
The whole end scene of flirty domestic EO was everything! Obsessed!
6/21/2021 c23 Guest
Love Don!

Also bring on vacation El and Liv! Heck yes!
6/22/2021 c23 47WriterKC
Great way to start the morning! I’m glad they decided to try for another kid again and I love that even though they’re married they still flirt with and tease each other as much as they do. Can’t wait to read about their trip to San Diego!
6/21/2021 c23 7becky207
Well damn!
All the feels for this chapter and can’t wait for the next with someone alone time for Elliot and Olivia.
6/21/2021 c23 16justanotherbookworm78
This chapter was full of heartwarming moments - Christmas, Noah's first birthday, and many other lovely family times together. Even though not much was spoken aloud, I loved Cragen's gentle understanding of what Elliot and Olivia have been through. Looking forward to the trip our favorite duo will be taking, they deserve some much needed alone time.
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