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6/19/2021 c22 Rosalie Sandres
Tanta perfeição juntaaa, amooooooo
6/19/2021 c22 Guest
This was fantastic and I absolutely love it. This is an amazing storyline. I’m so glad to see them healing together.
6/19/2021 c22 Guest
This was absolutely beautiful. I love this whole storyline and that you’ve written them both as not thinking they are good enough for each other. I think that’s true on the show too. Olivia thinks she’s broken and he thought she deserved more than him.
6/19/2021 c22 ManderleyLane
Nailed it.
“They had accepted that there would always be a crack that would never be able to heal.”

This entire scene is beautiful. This in particular.
“He kissed her slowly, and it reminded her of their first kiss. The first time he kissed her in his kitchen. Slow and sure. That moment was burned in her brain and would be forever. Much like this moment.”

I love that the kidlets know how much their parents love each other. It’s so important.

So glad baby Noah got his act together just in time for his Mama.

Lovely chapter as always.
6/19/2021 c22 7becky207
All the feels!
Love this story so damn much
6/19/2021 c22 Sacramone12
What happened yesterday?
6/16/2021 c21 Guest
This was raw and so full of emotion. I felt like I could actually feel their emotions and their hurt. Once again, written down well and true to characters. I can’t wait to read about how they come through it.
6/16/2021 c21 moviemel
Glad they were honest with the kids. They all need to grieve. I remember when my mom went through that when I was a kid. I remember how sad I felt and how sad I still feel about it. I always wanted siblings. Thank you again for addressing this issue. I'm also loving the friendship that is developing between Liv & Casey. My heart goes out to Casey because I have been there. And now we find out she had a miscarriage too. My heart breaks for her. I hope she finds some happiness in the future and I hope her & Liv become great friends. I also love the fact that Liv is going to church! I think it will help her deal with her grief and it will help her deal with many of the tough cases they encounter. Love this story so much! Keep it coming!
6/16/2021 c21 nycdreamer2007
Another beautiful chapter! I just love the way you weave the story together! Can’t wait to see where you take this next!
6/16/2021 c21 16justanotherbookworm78
Very moving chapter as Olivia and Elliot continue to heal from their loss. I loved how Bernie was unwavering in her support, staying with the family and doing whatever she could to help. I figured the kids would sense something was wrong, and though it wasn't the easiest conversation in the world, I'm glad they were told. There were also some lighter moments, like when Olivia teased Elliot about Scout, which made me smile. I'm glad that it seems like Olivia and Casey's relationship has turned a new leaf, and that in turn, Olivia has encouraged Elliot to do the same. I can also sense that Fin has picked up on something with his partner, but is respectful of her boundaries. As for Olivia's request to Elliot at the end, it's perfectly understandable given what happened. They can still have moments of closeness and intimacy without having sex.
6/16/2021 c20 RegardsAlxndra
I just...
6/16/2021 c21 Jen
So emotional when they told the kids so beautifully written. God I love these two and I love the way you write them.
6/16/2021 c21 Guest
I enjoyed this chapter so much. Elliot worrying but being patient and calm and giving her space when she needed it. I loved loved loved the conversation between Bernie and Olivia. I also loved loved loved Elliot’s and Olivia’s vulnerability in front of the kids and then his vulnerability about asking her to go to church and her agreeing. The ending was perfect for this chapter. I can’t wait to read more soon. Time will pass and they may not ever be the same again but they will do it together.
6/16/2021 c21 Guest
I’ve never experienced this but I feel that it was written well. Elliot gave her space but then they also came together. I loved the church scene moment and then her suggesting they all go back. I appreciated the honesty with the kids. I hope they continue to work through more together.
6/16/2021 c21 Guest
I loved to see them working through this together. I’m glad that Olivia let Elliot in and that she pushed through her comfort zone at the church. It was nice to see Bernie supporting her as well. I know they will come out stronger in the end.
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