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6/16 c9 VIB39
I love this story - have already read it three times. The ingredients are just too good - from the triangular troubles between Laura/Della/Perry to the family environment and contribution of Perry Jr and Lily, to Hamilton and Kate's observations, and then to the Epilogue with the final "We're done!" This well written story has it all - it's definitely "a keeper." Hope you 'll consider more story lines using the married/family context. Well done.
6/16 c9 VIB39
This is just a great story! Kudos! Has every aspect of the P&D relationship. Liked the idea of them married with family. The two teenagers were such fun in the mix of things. Laura was the ideal villain preying on Perry's weakness and interfering where ever possible. Really like the way you handled the angst of Della's feelings finally reaching the end of her patience with Perry and Laura, and that you gave Della an opportunity to really vent toward Laura; and Perry too. And the double meaning of the "We're done" at the end was very sweet.
Hope you'll write more, from the same perspective.
6/4 c8 Guest
Are you kidding me - even after being put in her place Laura persists in pursuing Perry until he unloads on her in front of quite a crowd
6/4 c7 GinnyB
Wow - this confrontation with Laura revealed her true character. I loved that she was uncomfortable seeing Perry and Della with a hot kiss and open display of affection right in front of her, "... must you openly grope fondle each other in public?" Ha. And, in the end Della wins the war - "I can do what I please with my husband at these functions, Mrs. Robertson ... I'm not his secretary at this moment. I'm his wife and the mother of his children."
Must have been very satisfying for Della, especially since Perry now understands and has apologized for his previously insensitivity toward her feelings.
6/4 c6 Guest
Like the use of this particular married-with-kids scenario; nice to imagine such a Mason household. Perry Jr's conversation with his mother, because of concern about his parents relationship, is very sweet and sensitive. The way you've written Della's interaction with him is absolutely perfect.
6/4 c6 Guest
This was fun, especially the talk between Perry and Lily. So much like her Dad, she really has his number, putting him on the spot with her interrogation. Written so well, with lots of feeling.
6/4 c6 GinnyB
Love this chapter with the older kids worried about what's happened between Perry and Della, getting up their nerve to interrogate their parents. These conversations - Perry with daughter Lily, and Della with 18-year-old Perry Jr., are delightful, insightful and tender. Both teenagers dance around the sexuality/intimacy subject, both eager know details, yet concerned about their parents. This is really well written, revealing much about the P/D parenting and family dynamics in the Mason household.
5/30 c3 Guest
In spite of the hotel bedroom crisis Laura's devious persistence is truly ugly - wanting to have dinner with Perry after he smoothes things over with Della. Perry's incredulity is encouraging as he suggests that friends have an opinion about her that he should have listened to much sooner.
This woman is just too much
5/30 c3 GUEST
Perry's rationalizations about his so-called innocent behavior with Laura gets called out by Paul, deservedly so. Can't help but wonder if he'd feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot and Della was flirting with an ex-boyfriend.
5/30 c3 Guest
This is really good stuff you're writing!
I love Paul's confrontation(s) with Perry, after Perry spends a long weekend at the hotel, by himself. My favorite statement comes after Perry tries to blame Della for being unreasonable and irrational, and Paul responds "That's just like you - getting mad about something you caused, and then blaming Della - because you know you were wrong and you don't know how to deal with it." So true, projection is such a powerful defense mechanism.
5/30 c2 GinnyB
Whew! Perry literally caught with his pants down with Laura present and wants to "explain" it to Della? Finally, a real confrontation between them about Laura's intrusion in their lives over a long period of time. Just when we think Perry might be starting to realize how his excuses sound, he gets angry and defensive, saying some hurtful things to Della. In his mind his relationship was just "harmless flirtation," while his anger masks his insensitivity toward Della's feelings.
I like the way you are flushing out a lot of the decades-long emotional angst that has been simmering on th back burner.
5/30 c2 Guest
It's really ridiculous how stupidly naive Perry can be around flirty women - but Laura is so much more; manipulative, conniving, devious, selfish, bordering on just plain evil. This was supposed to be a date weekend for Perry and Della, and he falls for this trap? You've got to be kidding, she was so obvious. His so-called brilliance evaporates around this woman.
This should be interesting.
5/23 c9 susiegeorge
This is just awesome! Thank you for sharing:)
5/19 c7 Guest
good job, della.
5/15 c9 Guest
Good story all over. So glad you got rid of Laura and brought them together. The 5th Mason was icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing your story.
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