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for An Abundance Of Firsts

1/21 c39 1Rionnag thyla
I don't know how I read all this un just one day, and I love every single chapter. Love from Chile.
1/14 c39 sspaulina
Well this is was suprise to say the least gosh I love them:)
1/13 c39 RukiYuki
Ooh my what a got night kyaaaa
1/13 c39 Ashenvale
oh my. that's intense . ohoho I'm looking forward what will happen once they wake up
1/13 c39 1R.E.O19
I get excited everytime I see one of your updates.
Thank you sooo much! Your story always eases my anxiety even for just a little while.
Keep up the good writing, you have gift!
1/13 c39 Goodtome
Deliriously delighted great job excited for the next chapter morning after
1/12 c39 Erlynn Dela Cruz
omg Emily. That was everything i wanted and more. Thank you for the care you put into it and thank you for loving them as much as we do. absolutely excellent job :)
1/12 c39 8mimagfan
OMG... That was the cutest lemon I've seen in a long while. It was so adorable and accepting and beautiful and sweet. I love thank you for your efforts. Great chapter. Kisses. Mimagfan
1/12 c39 Noveisadoge
Very nicely done!
1/12 c39 6miss mika namariya
wow I don't think I've ever thought an M chapter could be adorable before. This was so sweet, felt super in character, the perfect but real but wonderful first time with a super hot anime boyfriend that we all wish for (right?).
1/12 c39 12Parkerbear
AHHHH that was very sweet. I really enjoyed that! FINALLY. Thank you for the update.
1/11 c37 H-Nala
Such a merry Christmas surprise!
their first new year's
their first 'pet'
their first Valentine's/White day
their first romantic role together
first trip alone
first vacation
12/31/2021 c38 Goodtome
So good I loved it I’m teary eyed
Happy holidays have a great 2022
12/30/2021 c38 sspaulina
ahh gosh I love this story with each chapter ever more
12/30/2021 c38 RukiYuki
Aww sweet perfect Christmas ever for them
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