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for A new Family

3/18/2022 c1 Love Hermione
Sweet !
6/24/2021 c1 EndOfDaysBitches
Wow, I’ve been meaning to find certain type of stories such as this one… my only criticism is that it’s very unpolished - good premise, bad presentation/syntax.
5/15/2021 c1 3lilyflower50
is this a time travel story
5/10/2021 c1 sexinurse
interesting beginning to the story
5/10/2021 c1 elmbell
Interesting story hope are going to continue it
5/9/2021 c1 1Arnie1701
This'll be interesting. Looking forward to seeing how they keep Harry away from ole Dumbles.
5/9/2021 c1 minerdude
This is great.

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