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for Stinky Diapers and Sleep-Deprived Dragons

11/11 c13 Kaisha00
Wow! J'adore tellement cette histoire, elle est incroyable !
Et ce chapitre tout simplement magnifiiiiiiique !
Merci pour tout cher auteur !
10/13 c3 21Carolyn12
...I have a feeling that that might not be a scar from a medical surgery...I may be wrong, but we might have another dragon on our hands...

Laxus: It'll be easier when he learns to walk...

Everyone who had dealt with children: Famous last words
10/8 c12 Guest
Oh shit!
10/8 c12 ScarletEclipse
Woot woot! An update! I hope we can get Lucy’s POV when she regains consciousness to know what happened.
10/8 c12 Guest
Mam nadzieję ze laxus zda sobie sprawę że lucy jest dla niego idealną paetnerką
9/8 c11 rao hyuga 18
9/8 c10 rao hyuga 18
Alexei calling Laxus mama was adorable! Definitely one of my favorites so far!
9/5 c11 Guest
8/31 c10 Guest
Alexei calling Laxus mama is Hilarious and expected.
The kid’s just trolling though hahah
8/26 c8 Guest
Wonder if it’s a dragonslayer lacrima
8/25 c8 rao hyuga 18
Great chapter!
7/24 c7 Guest
I think the kid not liking being put on a shopping cart is already a tell of his artificial powers
7/24 c7 3GoddessxNyte2
ahhh so the scar is like laxus scar..his beat up dad probably put a lacrima in him too..oh boy
7/24 c7 rao hyuga 18
That was funny with the council member. Can’t wait to see what other kind of shenanigans happen with Alexei at Fairy Tail!
7/17 c6 Guest
I bet he’s going to be spoiled by grandpa
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