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for Stinky Diapers and Sleep-Deprived Dragons

5/14 c18 2FairyMama624
I absolutely love this! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more
5/11 c18 6laluluv
love this story can't wait for more
3/30 c18 Guest
The slow burn continues to kill me lol
Love Alexi’s learning stagings
3/27 c18 GinaCat
It’s so stinking cute I love this story. Your awesome
3/26 c18 Guest
3/21 c17 Guest
Le grr. The slow burn is killing me lol
3/17 c17 SuperShadic2002
Oh thank God, I was gonna be sad if I was the only one who made Gakuren Babysitter references! I love it!
2/6 c16 GinaCat
That was awesome I just love this story it’s so cute. Thank you so much for updating it. Your awesome
2/2 c16 27Ma0rie
Bonjour ! Je viens de lire ton histoire, et elle est franchement pas mal, très original. J'adore la relation entre Luxus et son petit frère. Vraiment adorable.
Je déplore seulement le temps que met à s'installer la relation entre Luxus et Lucy, mais bon, je vais être patiente !
Merci pour l'histoire !
2/1 c16 Laxlu
Love the this story so much. Keep up the good work and thanks!
1/27 c15 tory72
Love it
1/17 c15 Guest
This was cute lol
11/11/2021 c13 Kaisha00
Wow! J'adore tellement cette histoire, elle est incroyable !
Et ce chapitre tout simplement magnifiiiiiiique !
Merci pour tout cher auteur !
10/13/2021 c3 21Carolyn12
...I have a feeling that that might not be a scar from a medical surgery...I may be wrong, but we might have another dragon on our hands...

Laxus: It'll be easier when he learns to walk...

Everyone who had dealt with children: Famous last words
10/8/2021 c12 Guest
Oh shit!
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