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for There, Where Others Can't: Bonus Content

5/15/2021 c1 5GrimGravy
Short but sweet! I must say, this is a rather intriguing snippet between Ivaylo and Kali, given how these two contrast each other. I actually thought Kali would leave in a huff after being talked down like that, but you portrayed her smug arrogance quite well. This story reminds me of that short comic that Ubisoft released a while back for the Invitational, which makes me wonder if Kali will pull the same thing on Atanas or the other SOBT guys.

This is a good piece, apart from some minor spelling mistakes. Suffice, to say I'm now looking forward to when and how you're gonna integrate this into your main story. :)
5/11/2021 c1 7Ghostgaming
Ivaylo giving Kali the hard truth. Nice one man, can't wait for you to continue There Where The Others Can't :D
5/10/2021 c1 4doctor.denver
Suck it, Kali.

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