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for Shinobi Tensei - Taimanin Naruto

9/11 c1 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Can't wait for DxD to kick in!
8/4 c1 JuanKui
I need to see more. This is a lot better than I thought.
7/30 c1 monkiepawn
It looks interesting, the Taimanin part in the summary almost made me skip this story as rape and submission are disgusting to me.
Glad that so far it looks interesting and lighthearted, as Naruto looks the same as his past life and not a dark, angst, hypocrite that people love to have their OC as, but having them named with an existing character to attract readers.

Also seeing as this is a crossover with a pornhub game and a fan service manga, I think this will be a harem. If that's the case could you not making it bigger than 5-6? It makes the heroines look like pokemon, let's drop the hard to use, the old ones, and less liked in the PC and always use the last "captured", and repeat.
7/8 c1 G silently
this is cool, gotta love porn with plot but even better porn with good writing.
6/27 c1 Madscope
6/19 c1 Look2021
Good Start!
5/24 c1 KingAllen
Naruto able to gain complete comprehension over chakra when he gain Six path power so he can theoretically be able doing anything creative with his chakra.

Maybe he can create new jutsu or augmented his strength like Tsunade or used the Eight gate. Because all of those techniques require chakra.

For further info you just can check Six path senjutsu in Naruto wiki.
5/19 c1 Guest
That was interesting to read.
Not going to lie, kind of bummed that he was willing to teach ninjutsu, but no mention of ninshu was mentioned.
Felt like Kurama would have spoken up aboit that considering it is what his father wanted as a legacy.
5/18 c1 danielkeanumadegani
next please
5/13 c1 PhoenixDragon90
Seems Interesting.
Will follow and see where this goes.
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal.
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
5/13 c1 Masato Sugiura
ey truly looking forward how this story developed and its also a great start of a story
5/11 c1 Guest
Amazing right here can't wait for more though I have a question are u going to add characters from Lilith developer cause there are a lot of people besides the taimanin series like Koutetsu no Majo Annerose, Kangoku Senkan, and or Rinkan Kurabu. I can imagine if something funny instance happens to naruto that accidentally travels future or location when messing around Hiraishin technique. I've seen it in multiple fanfics and let me tell u, it was hilarious. Great work The Wandering Pervert.
5/11 c1 Guest
Interesting story and crossover you have I really like it, can't wait to see more of this but take your time for another chapter. If you decide to start canon of dxd when naruto turns 17 or 18 then maybe try to go in a different direction than canon. There are stories of naruto retaining his humanity and how he views factions of youkai, devils, angels, church and etc. Use that as a source of ideal motivation. Keep up the great work.
5/12 c1 BleachedFox13
I like this. keep up the good work.
5/10 c1 Guest
Who will you be pairing Naruto with and are you going to make Shiranui get kidnapped like she does I canon
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