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for Shinobi Tensei - Taimanin Naruto

5/12 c1 Lucas Oliveira1
It would be nice if you can just jump to the part where he is 17 or 18 years old
5/12 c1 Renaxan
This story idea is excellent. I cant wait how it goes. Thank you.
5/10 c1 Dhd
Like it, hope you can update fast
5/10 c1 Theo12
really interesting
5/11 c1 3ashsharingan
i love really this work, my type of history, i hope you don't put any dark themes of the taimanin games like rapes in this please,
but i said to me and all of readers of this history, this history is the author's possesion and only he can modify it, so don't ambush him for only force to write your ideas in this history, its more better when the author make an original history independent of the comentaries of readers to modify it
for me, i really hope Kurenai Shinganji to stay in harem or get an oportunity, the reason for that it because she don't get much of leadership in the taimanin cannons and i want to see her more with Asagi, it only a desire for me
5/11 c1 Anikong
Interesting story and choice of crossover. Though because it is includes a DxD crossover, I personally hope you don't include any of the Taimanin dark/rape elements in this story.
5/11 c1 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter this story looks promising, my personal favorite Taimanin girls are Sakura, Shizuru, Aina, Rinko, Shiranui, Yozora, Heifer (could be his maid), Saki, Iki, Emily, Kirara, suzuko. For DXD girls I request Sona, Koneko, Yasaka, Venelana, Seekvaira, Akeno, Tsubaki, Asia and Mittelt.
5/11 c1 Dasgun
5/11 c1 Lq840i
well naruto prefers this mizuki to the one in his own world and I wonder how naruto will do in a world that has guns and other security while being a blacksheep to the taimanin
5/10 c1 61Perseus12
Interesting story.
5/10 c1 DictatorK
Interested to see how this goes.
5/10 c1 2dingo-822
I'm liking this already, how out of the Taimanins are going to be with Naruto? I can see Shiranui, Rinko, Asagi (if the work close enough), Yukikaze, and maybe Asuka. I hope you don't have them fall into the same positions as they do in the hentai games or shows since I can see Naruto losing his shit if that happens. Plus they always get a bad ending which is the only problem with those shows.
5/10 c1 T-B-R
get all those cute Taimanin!
5/10 c1 2Shirou Emiya1
Ok i instantly like this the moment i saw taimanin in the triple crossover since there are literally rare if not non at all cross fics of a naruto taimanin stories anywhere, and i like the way you introduced everyone by starting with them just starting up in the beginning and really hope that you put all of the female taimanins in naruto's harem with a few exceptions for the other boys to be with, and since you pointed out that naruto is the head of his clan does that mean he has a contingent of shinobis and kunoichis following him? If so than that makes it even more better since when canon starts i can just see him living in a japanese mansion with the people inside it being his followers, personal army and vassals, and that he sends his people on missions by approving on which one they will take while receiving some messages from birds when ever he is at school or is passing through town even if he hides it from everyone in kuoh since it would be a secret, and i also really hope this doesn't have any kind of rape scenes that would happen normally just like in the taimanin series and that it would just be some kind of roleplay that would happen in lemons
5/10 c1 1IceNeo2
This story will most likely be interesting despite it being a triple crossover. The only thing I can hope is that the Taimanin portion of the story doesn't go out of control since it is a H-series with a lot of forced stuff.

That aside I hope that Naruto at least has some chances with the girls you've named so far, since from my extremely limited knowledge of Taimanin usually don't get happy ending with very few exceptions.

Anyway great chapter and I hope for more later on.
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