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for Shinobi Tensei - Taimanin Naruto

5/10 c1 Sammy9992
This is an interesting idea and having Naruto die "peacefully" (no Angst about having to return to safe people ect.) like you have chosen is a great idea. Though all I really know about the Taimanin series is that it involves a lot of rape and mindbreak so I'm wondering if that is going to be in this story? Personally I don't really like the idea of main characters having that done to them so it would be good to know if that is something you are planning on having in your story or not.
5/10 c1 l2ose
Interesting start will follow. As long as these ninjas didn't shouting the technique name while fighting am okay with this.
5/10 c1 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Kurama probably would know a ton about ninjutsu
5/10 c1 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
5/10 c1 Shadic21
Interesting story, I want to see the next part.
5/10 c1 WarzPark
Love The Chapter Cant Wait For The Update
5/10 c1 2OmniHein
Please update soon
5/10 c1 Z.Arifin1
good prologue
looking forward to it
5/10 c1 Elchabon
Very good prologue.
The story looks interesting.
Hopefully also in the future she begins to see him as a man. I mean Mizuki.
Greetings and keep it up.
5/10 c1 VicenteVanCoco04
Un comienzo interesante, quiero ver cómo se desarrolla esto.
5/10 c1 Ginocide02
Now, this is a premise that precedes legends.

I've always been fascinated with the possibility of Naruto interacting with the Taimanin universe. Though I couldn't possibly write it for my own because I wasn't quite willing to go down that hold.

Thankfully, you started this. Needless to say, I'll be along for this ride.
5/10 c1 grimreaper40045
kinda wanna see him meet Cao Cao. also wonder what's gonna happen with the True Longinus.
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