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for Right Place, Wrong War

11/23 c4 DragonTetho
Yeah, I think you're just turning Illya into a Shirou-expy at this point.
11/13 c31 Varvas
Of all your stories, this is by far my favourite. Please return to it and give it some love.
11/5 c1 DeityCthulhu
I've been really enjoying this, but it seems you haven't updated it in awhile. Is it coming back? This fic is a favorite of mine.
10/14 c31 EnmaKozato20
Hello Mundatorem, I'm a fan of this story, and I was wondering when you were going to update it since I would really like to see what else is next.
9/9 c8 Shinigami200
The only thing thats wrong with this story is that its a fact that Archer is Emiya from the fate route the only difference being he didnt save sabers heart
8/26 c17 bige2613
more pls
8/11 c16 TripleSweet
Aw she made friends, how cute.
8/5 c6 jokong
well.. things when downhill LMAO hahaha
8/5 c10 ThatRandomPerson
Ruby… i want to crack that wand open…
8/2 c2 Guest
Magical Ruby, from what I've seen of her in the fanfics I've read... Is really annoying, and not in a charming or funny way like Caboose from RvB, but honestly annoying.
7/28 c31 8GyroJapster
I can't wait for EMIYA to react to Tanaka, Gaia's Counter Force. Although, nothing special is going to happen except for his reaction.
6/20 c1 bearred49
Hi honey!
6/20 c1 bearred49
vs to
6/10 c1 Ubae006
Love the stay night abridged reference
6/10 c1 Anagennisi
That's more like Z-Rank luck...
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