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3/15 c26 Raoul
Heroic spirits are all monsters when compared to humans. I don't mean to insult you but humans aren't able to go head to head against entities like those. Kuzuki was only able to do so against Saber in the UBW route because she was weakened by Shirou not giving her enough mana and him being enhanced by a Caster from the age of gods. Meanwhile, Shirou can only stand a chance against Gilgamesh so long as he's holding back.
3/17 c25 11Toa Solaric
Even if they somehow managed to save Sakura, they will still have to deal with Tokiomi after all of this and including the Emiya family living in the Tohsaka's land.
3/17 c22 8Lord of Moons
The slab sword was carbed from the stone of Herakles grave and used as a catalyst, so it's not surprising that it could stop a Noble Phantasm. It's nearly as old as Herakcles is. Though, I didn't know the class card summoned? Then again, Shirou saw it in the dream so he could project it anyway. Which means if it gets broken he can probably trace it again. Or maybe the class card only summoned it because it was in his dreams?
3/16 c26 keybladelight
Hope you make prisma shirou vs gilgamesh fight like Unlimited Blade Works.
3/16 c26 Kaleidoscope's Beauty
Berserker is Rule Breakered, Sakura is getting help and now time to deal with Zouken.

Also Irisviel and the others have to deal with Gilgamesh. Sheesh Luck can be such a bitch.
3/16 c26 1SentinalSlice
I wonder what he wants with Shirou. I look forward to seeing what he does with him. I just hope he doesn’t kill him.
Maybe he feels a small amount of respect for Shirou, he did technically survive a point blank blast from Ea, despite it being weakened and Shirou needed to use the rest of the card’s lives.
3/15 c26 Nearsighted
Why does Ruby never learn to shut up? My god I forgot how annoying that stick is. I get that it has a blue and orange morality but fucking hell.
3/15 c26 2D.KnightOfShadows
Ruby just got them all nearly killed...again. Good golly, no wonder Zelretch is noted to hate that thing.
3/15 c26 1Lipeghoul
Lancelot Berserker is truly a monster equal and superior to Heracles,Gil and Emiya useless against him as he turns a military jet into a Noble Phantasm, I'm waiting for Miyu's brother to come to fight for his sister and Illy's brother could die for not using Archer's card before
3/15 c26 11Toa Solaric
I wonder when Ruby will get her punishments soon and who will deliver it?
3/15 c26 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next.
3/15 c26 8Jebest4781
Boy I can't wait to see what'll be done next in this.
3/15 c26 Mistersnx
Fucking Ruby being Ruby
3/15 c26 Eliptic
I used to be a Servant like you, until I took a spear to the knee.
3/15 c26 Zeryo
A fine chapter, tho wouldn't Archer just instantly regconize Lancelot by just tracing the armor? Tracing doesn't really care about what it is, sword or armor, as long as they're not something like EA then he can trace it all. Projection is a different matter tho.
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