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10/18 c6 Zero
Oh no...
10/18 c5 Zero
10/18 c4 Zero
10/18 c3 Zero
10/18 c2 Zero
10/18 c1 Zero
I read this once a long time ago.
I dropped it because i didnt liked the anime...Then i read the manga.
9/11 c11 gabedane
I just realized that the reason Archer feels that Miyu is familiar is because of the empty archer class card in the Miyuverse. Miyuverse Shirou used the card to use EMIYA's powers but it did more than that, it was probably like Shirou using Archer's arm in heavens feel. Except instead of Archer's experiences replacing only Shirou's it went both ways.
9/11 c1 1mouseannnymous
Archers reaction to when he realizes that Taiga is trying to hit on him will be similar to how Abridged!Trucks reacts to Abridged!Bulma
9/6 c30 Kamisato Kakeru
still waiting for the next chap
9/4 c1 youstink134
“Actually Satan!”

first chapter and already cracking up because elf references
8/29 c30 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
8/28 c28 Illya Emiya
Ok this comment is more about the Sakura situation as a whole.

Cause yeah you do see in Prillya a few times and she has the purple hair and eyes, meaning she was indeed with the Maton; so what they hell are they doing to her! And why is that never covered? There’s no WAY Zouken isn’t doing awful shit to that poor girl and Shirou can’t save her and Rin isn’t looking into shit c’MON! Thanks for covering this thought it’s great.
I also like that Irisviel is more of a character and fleshed out then she is in Pr;Illya, like, i appreciate that.
8/23 c30 Guest
I think it is a rite of passage to avoid updating a fic for ages and then get back to it out of nowhere. That being said you aren't as bad as some authors with their random multiple year hiatus.
8/24 c16 Deu2Ex
Wow, amazing story. I just can't seem to stop reading. What prompted me to review this specific chapter even though it's not the newest is how interesting the current situation is. Chloe and Archer are not wrong in their hangups and assumptions. The "happy family" does have a lot of unresolved issues and hangups that need to be addressed, both personal and as a family. But the problem with them is that they both also share the "cynic people" syndrome of thinking they are in the right no matter what that is as common as it is frustrating. That they "know better" and everyone that doesn't agree is just naive or a fool. They have indeed suffered a lot. They shave valid reasons and points. But at the same time they are just as wrong and bullheaded as everyone else. The hero of justice dream is indeed an imposible and perhaps foolish ideal, but it's also a worthwhile and beautiful dream to have. Just because it didn't work out for a couple fo people doesn't mean everyone else will fail. Illya might very well go about it in a different manner or even a similar one and succeed. Just because Archer didn't read the fine print and got stuck with Alaya and Kiritsugu went about it in the only way that his powerlessness allowed doesn't immediately discard the ideal as wrong.
If Alaya was more of a force of good that sent counters to prevent tragedies as superheroes instead of a cold machine like antivirus that sends them to butcher indiscriminately then Archer would be eternally living his dream. Just like Kuro being trapped it was bad luck mixed with good intentions that caused their tragedies.
8/23 c21 1Lokyloco
Man I was enjoying the family drama for a bit. . . But holy fuck Illya is so unbearable annoying, she gets proved time and time again and she keeps jumping into suicidal shit. Not even Shirou was this bad nor stubborn.

At least Shirou had a charming and interesting personality. . . Illya has nothing of that and I want to strangle her for being such an idiotic person.

Thanks for the read.
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