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for Right Place, Wrong War

8/23 c30 codywhite162
Loved this chapter! Really looking forward to seeing if this plan succeeds or not.
8/23 c30 Guest
Pretty much whenever someone abandoned their works for something else for a long time is what I would consider a right of passage to me since most of my favorite authors avoid their old works and focus on the new ones. Which sucks for me since they were good reading material.
8/23 c30 Salvie
It's time for the Gilgamesh Raid Boss

Buffs include "Will kick your ass" debuffs include "May lose because of his own ego or something*
8/23 c30 anext6000
Have I ever told you the tale of Darth plagues the wise? Not a story a Jedi would tell you that's for sure.
8/23 c30 Greyfox2
Welcome back and talk about a devilish cliffhanger, that was a great chapter!
8/22 c30 1SentinalSlice
Great chapter. I loved seeing Gilgamesh not really underestimate them, or at least, he noticed Irisviel.
8/22 c30 Bashleyz
Good. I wait the next.
8/22 c30 CoG.EMIYA
Will Gilgamesh become a Noble Phantasm of Lancelot?
8/22 c30 8Jebest4781
This was rather fun here.
8/22 c30 1Beta117
I still dying to know what Rin‘s father is doing during all this. He’s gonna freak the fuck out when he hears what has transpired on his property.
8/22 c30 1Khororhoth jugment
Yay! Update!
8/6 c1 kevinthegoat0304
You really quoted fsn ubw abridged lol
8/5 c29 gabedane
It's been a while since I've read this and I didn't actually reread up to this chapter, but will we ever get to a point where 3 Shirous are fighting together? Archer EMIYA , Illyaverse, and Miyuverse?
7/28 c11 9Dracul666
When Irisviel "You can't stay like that forever Shirou-chanThe FIRST thing I thought of was him saying "You can bet I'm gonna try!"
7/27 c6 Dracul666
Everything is just going to shit for Archer. Why is he not allowed to be happy?
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