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for Right Place, Wrong War

7/27 c4 1.6180339887498948482045868
They came, they lost, they fled
7/27 c29 ReaderUn
Why these mfkrs below are insulting the writer?
Go eat sh*t, p*ssies.

Nice job, author. Keep up the good work!
7/25 c13 zeek17
Didn't you played FSN at all? Ryuudou temple and Illya's castle in opposite sides of town.
7/24 c1 zeek17
Damn, what a horrible grammar.
I'm sure MS Word can fix at least most of it. Do a favor, please, and run your fix through it.
7/7 c11 ZEDNEMwashere
Man I was really siding with archer here. I don’t know what that says about me.
7/7 c29 Cookie Sharter
you keep threatening the kaleidoshit and still won't go through with it pussy, fucking do it or stop the bit, it's old as fuck by now and it has done literally nothing but make mistakes this entire story, fucking retarded stick of shit that it is.
7/4 c29 EnmaShimon
Hey, when's the next chapter? I really look forward to the next chapter!
7/3 c15 The Ultimate Witch
Damn so basically Shiro was experiencing what happened
to Shinji in Heaven's Feel when his soul was devoured but at least his eventually ended Shinji is stuck in his.
6/24 c29 1Bell Rider
6/21 c1 njgronlund
The 'actually' is important. XD
6/18 c29 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
6/15 c5 ArcherShirou
EMIYA watching Illya act like the younger version of him: Oh no!
6/15 c3 ArcherShirou
EMIYA"Please don't you have the same dream that idiot had"
6/15 c2 ArcherShirou
Interesting that having EMIYA here will not only affect Illya, but Shirou as well, maybe he will gain willpower to be able to use kitchen
6/15 c1 ArcherShirou
Archer seems to remember that timeline even if it's just a feeling
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