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for KonoSuba: Tales of the Red Warrior

6/21 c2 3Storylover213
If your willing to spoil who will your OC be paired up with if you don't mind me asking.
6/13 c1 Nameless Godless
This man 8s into some quality games especially Monster hunter and Borderlands.
6/8 c2 2Marc Ello-Re Yes
Not a bad start! I also found it weird that they didn't loot their quarry. Even if Kazuma carved and sold frog meat would have given him some extra coin. As for Jay's class, Beserker is actually similar to Barbarian. Though I guess barbarian is more of a tank class, able to half slice, pierce, and blunt damage even though they themselves don't have much defense and last via their health.

Anyways, now Kazuma entered the scene. Maybe with someone taking pity on him, he'll be a slightly better person. And Aqua will definitely not remember Jay. Shes a ditz like that.
6/7 c2 Guest
Awesome work m8. Do you already have a pairing in mind because my suggestion are darkness, wiz, or a harem of succubi or harem in general. Darkness because defensive based noble pervert meets damage dealing rapscallion with a heart of gold seems like a fitting combination, plus they're the same age and from my understanding berserker is the damage dealer version of crusader so it gives a nice contrast. Wiz because jay is a fellow drainer (blood instead of magic) and they're both likeable people with abilities that the public might recieve poorly. Finally succubi because who wouldn't (may die but a hell of a way to go) and if he upgrades his hemomancy he should be able to outlast them. Also suggesting luna because not many pairing include her.
6/7 c2 tgfofp
There were quite a few grammatical errors and mistaken words. You need to read the chapter and edit them or get a beta.

A few examples of what I mean are: "My stats have barley increased", "nothing too dangerous if I was carful" , "to see a young girl behind me, an exited look on her face" and "So Yunyun, aren't you a bit young to be an adventure?".

They should be "barely, careful, excited and adventurer". The last one was mistaken at least three to four times.

There are many more like those ones, in most following paragraphs. It is still understandable, but it definitely needs some proofreading.

Anyway, the chapter was not too bad excluding the mistakes, waiting for the next one.
6/7 c2 3OechsnerC
Really awesome update. Also had to go back to figure out what the fleet footing skill was. Maybe next time add all the skills he can get. Instead of just the new ones. Looking forward to reading more.
6/7 c2 Dragonboy08
I like this story alot so far and really hope it gets many more chapters, hope you keep up the great work
6/7 c2 frankieu
interesting story so far thx for writing it
nice first quest and choising a class .
fun meeting the protag and goddess again will be interesting to see cannon develop
6/7 c2 Hexylen
Nice update, for the AN at the end about Berserker Job class, maybe look up some stuff from D&D or other base RPGs? Adjust it for Konosuba mechanics and that should work
6/7 c2 Blaze1992
And so the show begins.
I figured the glass bottles were a good move. Though with his teeth now sharp won't he face more backlash from commoners and the like. Since in their view that would make a vampire?

Would the rune knight class allowed it to either make his blood containers impervious to harm or have expansions runes on them for larger storage of blood?

Oh another idea is for him to buy spider silk and soak them in blood so he could maybe make a restraining gear he can control or make a outfit that he can use with blood defensive skills?
6/7 c1 The-Anti-Akuma
I may wrong, but it's kinda messed up that he asked for Blood Manipulation and got Self blood manipulation... I mean I know that it would be pretty overpowered if he could just straight up rip the blood from the bodies of his enemies, but thats also kind of the point of choosing any one power. Also you'd think that he would be warned that what he would be getting would be different than what he asked for.

(Even if he expected only self blood manipulation.)
6/7 c2 Scandalf
Early Yunyun is good Yunyun. And if the protagonist isn't going to be a permanent member of Kazuma's party, he'll need a competent ally like Yunyun to take on bigger quests.

I wonder if Aqua even remembers JJ, lol
5/29 c1 Blaze1992
Interesting idea though I am confused on how he was able to roll around in a world that is mostly dirt and grass.

Okay so since his power is blood control. First thought is he going to spring for some glass containers to store excess blood he's taken out on safe somewhat regular basis? That way he can not only up the amount of blood he can use on the fly but also be able to do some interesting attacks.

After spare blood could be mixed with natural toxins/poison's to upgrade the attack skill he uses with it.
5/17 c1 Darkjaden
Blood really? Liquid manipulation would have been better since it would includes blood.
5/15 c1 Crywolfseven
Pretty cool first chapter I wouldn’t have thought of asking for blood manipulation but it’s a smart if gross choice lol. I mean if he figures out the actual magic instead of relying on spells and skills he could easily make a cheap spike that shoots out of someone’s body made of their own blood. Kind of a good way to get a surprise kill in who expects their blood to stab out of their body out of nowhere.
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