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for KonoSuba: Tales of the Red Warrior

9/1 c4 Guest
I enjoy this. Could we have some more.
8/16 c4 jeremiahkelley93
Great story so far.
7/12 c4 Guest
Please update! This fic is great!
6/20 c1 worom001
"Thinking it over I finally made my decision. Duel Wielding Skill.
I might as well go all in for damage and end my enemies before they have a chance to react,"
That makes no sense. Its you're going for 'before they have a chance to react' then single handed and a rapier/estoc is the way to go.
6/19 c1 Visual Bliss
Would be cool if he somehow used blut vene from bleach
6/11 c4 shemanta830
Bloody hell mate this is gold
It's rough around the edges but good
Ya might want to work on expressing a chatacters facial expression to add a bit of spunk
6/10 c4 dragons.kid93
are you going to continue Lady Lucks Favor any time?
5/20 c2 dragon slayer of death 98
i hope the pairing is either wiz or luna, they don't get enough love
5/19 c4 Blaze1992
. . . So it's either the blades of Athena from God of War or Scorpions chain dart as his future weapon?
5/17 c4 Alim fanficker1
this bestt fanficcc woww hope next sir
4/27 c4 Guest
I’m surprised he hasn’t made a move on darkness, Aqua or luna

Darkness is practically begging for some fun

And with blood manipulation he could do a lot of kinky bondage stuff she would enjoy

If he soaked his blood in some rope he could have some easy bondage play

With his teeth he could probably role play as a blood demon come to sate his lust on a holy crusader

Maybe with darkness’ satisfied libido she could get her head in the game and be a strong steadfast tank and not a floppy moaning mess of a horny crusader every time she gets hit

She could probably hit more stuff with 2 shields if she ditches her sword and let Kazuma use it when he fights
4/27 c4 Guest
I say he could totally kill toads solo if he played hunts right and actually use pure blood manipulation

He could have made some daggers with hollow handles so he could use blood bullet with some piercing damage

On the frogs

Use some bait meat!

Dig a ditch with a lose tree trunk spike and lure it there!

Kill monsters like a human bro!

Be cunning and ruthless

If he could just kill one he could hide in a ditch and wait for other frogs to eat it so he could kill it while it’s distracted

Use a spear or something for a sure kill

He could farm those bitches!

Plus even with no plan he could probably kill it from inside its mouth or on route to its mouth if he angles a long sword to its brain
4/27 c3 Guest
Bro it’s “careful” not “carful”

“Adventurer” not “adventure”

Other than that there were some words that kinda sound the same but had a different meaning used but I think those are fine

It’s just that those 2 words are repeatedly used wrong that gets me annoyed

It’s like its on purpose

Is it?

If it is it’s a weird fixation
4/27 c1 Guest
Would be cool if he carried blood bags from animals
4/11 c1 2King Kind
the mc knows about one piece with the light logia that can destroy mountain sized trees with no effort
and makes it so nothing can hurt him but he choses blood manipulation. bad choice but blood is cool too.
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