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10/18/2021 c3 Imperial Guard 1337
*Vengeance*: the more damage you take the stonger the vengeance attack, but it resets after using it.
*Rage*: the lower your health the more damage you deal, and gain a slight damage resistance.
*Bloodlust*: rapidly dealing blows increases damage, wait to long and it resets.
*Sadist*: dealing damage slightly heals you.
*Marked for death*: deal more damage and recieve less from the enemy, those marked can't flee from battle, you can mark only one enemy at a time and is only removed on death.
*Eye for an eye*: if you quickly deal damage to whoever hit you you regain that health.
*Primal fury*: lose yourself to your rage and gain a 200% speed and damage boost, ignore enemy armor and damage resistance, restore all health, but you can only use unarmed melee attacks (hands, feet, claw, teeth).
10/13/2021 c3 Blaze1992
I have a feeling Jay will be face-palming a lot from now on.
10/1/2021 c3 6IrishKatana
I’m enjoying the story so far, also I have an idea for a Berserker Skill. It’s call Instinct, a passive skilled and it works like a toned down version of the Spider Sense.
9/19/2021 c1 E
9/18/2021 c3 kynan99
Thanks for the awesome chapter and story...
8/12/2021 c3 3Raidentensho
not bad at all. hmm, i think Pain Blocker would be in the list of skills for a Berserker. being so angry that they can't feel pain, so pretty much when in 'rage mode' any damage taken will not hinder movement at the cost of magic to power the blocking skill. though i do wonder if Jay will convince Darkness to take up a mace via the story of Ordo so she can have it as a backup weapon. looking forward to more. hoping that Yunyun will be more than a partner in the future. until then, later!
8/11/2021 c3 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
8/11/2021 c3 Jajo Camello
Really enjoyed the MC interactions with the other characters, particularly with Aqua. Rather than using her as a comedy prop piece you have her being an actual character. Hope you continue with this story.
8/9/2021 c3 kuro yaksha
Liked it. Hope you update soon.
8/9/2021 c3 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
good to see the mc meeting the serie's protag and seeing him collect the useless girls :D
will be fun to see both go in there direction
8/9/2021 c3 KnightOfGlory26
Would honestly prefer him to create his own party. With the rivalry now in place, it would create the excuse to separate as well.
8/9/2021 c3 2Marc Ello-Re Yes
huh, Jay seems to like Aqua well enough. when I read her in other stories, she like the butt of all jokes. While she could be better at assisting her team, she seems like at least a good for Jay. and its cool that Yunyun is having a somewhat friendly duel with Megumin. That girl needs as many wins as she can get. I just had a thought, Darkness is coming up next right? Maybe she can be weird friends with Jay. She could think that he's into masochism as well since his whole thing is self inflicted blood skills.
8/9/2021 c3 2DannyPhantom619
Jay is a good Senpai. I just hope he doesn't take over Kazuma's story and instead be something like Kisuke or Kakashi (A guide)
7/9/2021 c1 monkiepawn
Really? He start to think this is not a game by his choices and logic in what he sees but when choosing a battle style, he goes for cool dual wielding that gives you less reach, arm strength, protection, stamina, balance, no free hand for items/spells/grabs, no defense against long weapons and arrows, and gives you friendly fire.

But hey! It looks cool, that's why so many of our famous soldiers, armies, and important figures of our history go to battle with a weapon on each hand!
6/23/2021 c2 The Black Kraven
Since you chose the Berserker class I would be disappointed if there wasn't at least one skill that acts like a "Berserk" button (Increased strength, speed, vitality at the cost of rationality or something)
I do hope that the party you will make will be separate from Kazuma's .Also I find it hard to believe he wouldn't take the Undying skill since in real life, something that can cheat death is massive and this applies even more to places like Konosuba where unless you have a convenient
person like Aqua death is permanent (as it should be)

Overall I quite enjoyed the chapter, looking forward to your next one
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