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for A Goddamn Children's Cartoon (James Semi-SI)

6/20/2021 c2 Shvydis
3) Houndour

Just from a sheer aesthetic POV, houndour fits better ig
6/20/2021 c2 iamzim87
Well, that went a little more smoothly than I initially thought it would when it came time to confront his parents again. Still reasonably worried about where Jessabelle might be lurking around though.

I vote for Swinub. He does need more type coverage and Mammoswine are pretty powerful and just plain awesome as well, having used them more than a few times myself in some of the games.

While having a Pokémon that’s capable of mega evolution would be great, he’s already got a fire type and it would probably end up creating some friction between Growlithe and James. He might see it as a bit of a betrayal bringing in another dog-based Pokémon, thinking that he’s going to be replaced soon due to his age and they would probably just keep attacking each other every time they’re released from their balls, trying to establish who the Alpha is as it normally works in a pack of canines. If Houndour gets the most votes, I would suggest that James makes sure to get a female one to circumvent all that. This way when the time comes, his legacy will still live on if they end up as a mating pair somewhere down the road.

If it’s Chikorita, how about you give him the one Ash would have caught. It would still be a ways off before Ash comes across her so chances are that she might still be at whatever breeding facility she came from before she was either abandoned or escaped on her own. While they never explained about Chikorita’s backstory before she met Ash, either is very likely seeing as how just about every regional starter he owns to this date suffered though as much. Plus, I never liked how Ash just kept brushing off all of Chikorta’s attempts to bond with him more, especially since she was one of the few to make the effort. Even canon James spent more time with his Pokémon outside of battles and was nothing but nice to every one he ever owned, (not counting Magikarp) despite being apart of a criminal organization, it’s no surprise that most of them glomp him every time he lets them out. How many of Ash’s Pokémon have ever done that compared to him, really?
6/20/2021 c2 Dalvepinn
Swinub for sure.
6/20/2021 c2 poshmafia94
6/20/2021 c2 2Cardinal Snowflame
3, James is right. Growlithe isn't going anymore and it's a little too old to just start training for serious fights. Using a Firestone might fix that but for the most part, Mega Houndoom would be a lot more helpful
6/20/2021 c2 Bob of the A
Thanks for the chapter!

Swinub all the way!
6/20/2021 c2 swagerness
oink oink Get that weak shit outta here oink oink
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6/20/2021 c2 1vincent1875
2 Swinub.

Good going so far.
6/20/2021 c2 Coltamus
Option 2, Swinub. Would be really cool once fully evolved, would shock a lot of people.
6/20/2021 c2 GkStelar
Swinub,other grass types can easily be found and growlithe already covers fire so there's no need for houndor
6/20/2021 c1 vincent1875
All three options sound kind of meh. I guess 3. I'd prefer a mix of 1 and 3 though. Leave the region and then start over. Too much baggage with 1. With 3 what's the point in trying to leave? Going home to what? You're in a different body. The body of a fictional character. Rage quitting the universe out of principle? Just seems like a tantrum.
6/20/2021 c2 1Crazeguy
I'm thinking (1) is the best option here, a bit biased but the idea of training a plant dinosaur sounds better than training a boar or another dog.
6/20/2021 c2 NearMart
Either Swinub or Houndour
6/20/2021 c2 VoidGivenForm
I kinda wanna go Houndour just so we can fit the evil organization sterotype...but I'm gonna have to go with
2) Swinub
We can catch a Houndour later on since I believe that if we really want one later, we can just catch it. Catching another Swinub'll be harder though.
Also, no offense to Chikorita, but fuck Chikorita.
6/20/2021 c2 Almo14
Swinub ftw!
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