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10/2 c3 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Ohmygosh! I need more of this. It’s just TOO cute!
10/2 c2 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Omg! So CUTE!
10/2 c1 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Hm! Interesting start.
9/21 c3 Crimson Riot 01
Wow, quiero que sepas que me encanta tu trabajo
Sigue asi
8/27 c3 BorderLand
My poor heart can't take this much fluff. Ophis is too far gone and she didnt even realize it yet, if her emotions are hard to deal with one wait until she gets closer to Naruto.

Naruto în other hand is just as clueless about his situation, a dragon God will suport him no matter what. There is no better protection then that.

They are just so cure and the older couple that adopted them deserve all the love in the world. Not many people can manage a dragon God and a jinchuruki the way they do.
8/26 c1 BorderLand
This was a very intersting start to say the least. Kakashi going ballistic on Jiraya and the Hokage was particularly fun to read and Ophis gaining a place she cherishes more then silence is great to.
8/25 c3 Ozymandias42
This is a very interesting story concept wise.
I've long been looking for something like this.
Something where Ophis is treated not as typical emotionless-loli side-character or antagnonist or generally someone who has a plan but as the innocent being she is.

Naruto among all characters I know of is pretty much the best suited to help her and protect her from being taken advantage of.

It's very unique, that you reversed that here by having Ophis be the one to help him while he's a child.
The usual idea I've always been looking for was to have him be post-canon Naruto but meet and bond with Ophis immediately upon arriving in DxD in the dimensional gap.
8/24 c3 1AleexFT
8/21 c2 Guest
Really interesting concept, I was surprised. I'm looking forward to see how you develop the relationship between Ophis and Naruto and how the world will go with Naruto no longer being in Konoha and potentially training with Ophis. Great first two chapters!
8/13 c3 mitragaurav10
This is great!
This is very interesting.
8/8 c3 2Mark the Mark
this adorable. I want more we
8/8 c3 Xerarch
its really fun to watch Ophis and Naruto interact with each other, stay safe
8/7 c3 Amaterasu of The Black Flames
Great chapter! I really like how you had Ophis explore her emotions, it was a great scene!
8/7 c3 Reptilian23
well I'll just tell you if you will make a time jump that naruto and ophis are together and that ophis is a beauty out of this world
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