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8/6 c3 gaby11
I love the cap
8/6 c3 surya25addanki
This is one of most unique stories ever
8/6 c3 Mistroz
Excellent chapter, i love it
8/6 c3 BigBoySpartan
Great chapter looking forward to more
8/6 c3 Guest
One of the best stories on this site that I have ever read. It has all I need and like. The relationships aren't forced, the romance isn't cringeworthy and most importantly the character development is amazing. Ophis is the true MC of this story and I love it because there are very few stories like this where the limelight is on someone else other than Naruto.

Speaking of Ophis, I'm loving the way her character is being developed. The way she is learning emotions through real life incidents is cute and realistic. Naruto in this story is quite intelligent too as he had the mind to think about possible pros and cond of going back to Konoha. It's not something that we usually see in Naruto fics. I also love the fact that you chose an entirely different place as your main location for the story. It's fresh.

In the end, I hope to see more of it in the future.
8/6 c3 candrariski155
wow i like reading novels. and also Naruto's attitude is more realistic. unlike his other fanfics where he easily accepts the fact that he's not in Konoha anymore.I mean in other stories, Naruto is more stupid than canon. example. naruto in another story says. oh I'm in another world and this world is at war then I'll make peace this world. and not just one. there are so many stories where naruto is more stupid than the canon in the film road to ninja he wants to return to his original world, even though in that world his parents are still alive.
8/6 c3 lilhuesos
excellent keep going
8/6 c3 PABLO-JAB
Good read
8/6 c3 PABLO-JAB
Nice and this magnificent art is worth waiting.
8/6 c3 Sarthak P
Nice chapter as always... The cat fight was written nicely too
8/6 c3 2Dragonkeeper10
Both of them need all the hugs. Ophis and Naruto need hugs and happiness. Thus, this is nice.
8/6 c3 JuanKui
Yoo. This was really emotional. I enjoyed it. Im glad Naruto decided to stay with his family.
8/6 c3 WhateverPlus
I like this chapter. Continue please.
8/6 c3 Golden Wind God
great chapter as always.
8/6 c1 Atharvpathak
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