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6/10 c2 Look2021
Good Chapter!
6/10 c2 Tyrese
this. this is nice.
6/10 c1 Sarthak P
Awesome chapter... Keep it up
6/10 c2 brachiosaurus
anything shinmai made is a masterpiece
6/10 c2 5Orchamus
Hehehe, wow, that was a bit intense there, just goes to show there's a good reason pissing off gods is generally a bad idea, and hurting the loli dragons' papa into front of her when she scares those same gods is just, well...evolution in action I guess-
6/10 c2 BigBoySpartan
Great chapter looking forward to more
6/10 c2 2TheSlySage
ohhhhh little Ophis-chan you are sooo cute
6/10 c2 1Zipzapdoowoop
This is so cute. I just wanna give them a hug. Young Ophis and Little Naruto
6/10 c2 2Dragonkeeper10
Urge to hug young Naruto and Ophis has intensifyied. They need happiness and kindness in their lives and by God I hope they get it.
6/10 c2 1EarlSilver
I have a question: When can I get moar?
6/10 c2 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
6/10 c2 Guest
Beautiful piece of work. One of the most unique stories I have ever read on this site. It just amazes me how well you managed to get Ophis on point. Her character didn't seem unnatural at any point in the story and her inner struggles felt believable too. Honestly, I love works like these and it just saddens me I don't see much on this site.

Again, beautiful chapter and I will be waiting for the update patiently.
6/10 c2 Guest
What powers will naruto have
6/10 c2 surya25addanki
Yess , I simply cannot wait for this to take off
6/10 c2 Fastreadernot
in the first place, the chapter is gorgeous, your presentation of thoughts is chulky and such an immersion in history I received only from the stories of NeonZangetsu. This idea seems to me to be very rare, and the implementation is just wonderful, but it all can spoil one thing: Emo is a super strong Naruto who wants to get revenge and acts like an asshole. Your job is just great in order to give pleasure from reading, he himself does not I noticed how I ended up at the end of the chapter with the thought: this is just a wonderful story, which I hope will get its interesting end. FROM ALL SOUL THANKS FOR SO FINE WORK. WITH TERRIBLE IMPORTANCE I WAIT FOR THE CONTINUATION OF THIS MASTERPIECE . AND I ASK YOU, AUTHOR - SAN, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS MASTERPIECE TO YOUR END ... I wish you all the best, especially health and strength to you and your loved ones
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