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5/13 c1 Kurokawa Uzuna
deja vu
5/13 c1 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
5/12 c1 WindyCitySlayer1
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
5/12 c1 Mistroz
Exellent chapter
5/12 c1 Look2021
Good Start!
5/12 c1 Guest
Hopefully Ophis finds what she is looking for.
5/12 c1 Guest
Very nice, curious where this goes
5/12 c1 Guest
It's one of the best starting to a DxD crossover I have ever seen and I'm all for it. Can't wait to see what you have for us in the future.
5/12 c1 MinaEdo
5/12 c1 KayKun
Take your time dude. We will always support you.
5/12 c1 Guest
Amazing. Very unique story. I don't think I have read one like this ever before.
5/12 c1 2Dragonkeeper10
Woo! Time for Ophis and Naruto again! I missed this! Also take your time Shinmai. Even uploading your own stories since real life, especially right now, is far more important.
5/12 c1 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
Nice. While I also beta'd the first version of the chapter, I like the added scene of Ophis' self-reflection about her emotional deficits. It makes the reader more emotionally invested in her journey compared to her jumping to another dimension simply because she got huffy over her defeats in the void.

I don't have an opinion of the first scene yet because I don't know how Naruto's kidnapping and subsequent displacement will play out in this version of the story.
5/12 c1 1EarlSilver
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