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5/15 c4 maji343
Was surprised to see an update so soon, but not complaining :) "He was in heaven, but since he was a sadistic psychopath that doesn't derve that, he was also in hell." This made me feel for him but also had me laughing because it sounds like something he would think. I like the stories that explore his character in more depth and show he can be more than just an animal. My only question is...Is he going to survive a 5-hour car ride with her right next to him? Can't wait to find out!
5/14 c3 maji343
I agree there are not enough stories for this couple. Most of the stories I’ve read are where Rogue either saves Jean or the group. I don’t know if I ever read one where she sacrifices herself. What a way to end this chapter on a cliff hanger. Can’t wait for more!

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