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5/31 c2 6Lightningblade49
Ash genius trainer but dumbass with the girls...will he meet roxie again I wonder.
5/23 c2 2genbo
Great battle!

Please continue!
5/22 c2 14thunderofdeath97
poor ash, got the females hot and horny, but he doesnt even get any, really sad, tbh
5/19 c2 Guest
awesome stuff jord!
5/19 c1 Guest
awesome stuff dude
5/18 c2 13Harem Lover 26
Interesting story. Will there be shipping.
5/15 c2 Guest
great chapter
5/17 c2 QueenJalter1
ash harem incoming
5/17 c2 UltimateCCC
Never would've thought that Roxie would be Thirsty for Ash.
5/15 c2 Guest
Gabite, awesome.
5/15 c1 Guest
5/15 c2 Guest
I really hope that this story does have a lemon in it for Ash later on
5/14 c2 Reader
Great gym battle
Will we get the return of Bulbasaur too since Torterra can fill in for him given there similar backgrounds?
5/14 c2 Elite Four
Damm Roxie and her bandmates are more thirsty than good old Brock and we know how thirty is ma boy Brocko.
Cool battle there bro and wild, also props for evolving Gible soon Ash will have a matching pokemon with the sexiest poke-girl Cynthia.
5/15 c2 1Uber Ghidorah
Kind of wish Ash comes back later and gets that (possible) threesome later with Roxie and Billy-Joe.
Battle was great, though. I'm kind of imagining a rematch between them later, and Roxie's gone to Galar and evolved her Koffing or just caught a Galarian Weezing. Use it against Ash's Gabite (or Garchomp).
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