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2/15/2012 c13 Gaia
I really do love this story! You need to come back and finish it!
2/28/2008 c15 merangelgal
Great chapter, wish it were longer but you have to do what works best for the story! :0) Enjoy your week - can't wait for the update! So glad Serena and Darien are finally together in the same place! :0)
2/27/2008 c15 5Faded Lilac
YAY! You updated! Wooh, can't wait till the next chapter!

I just love Nephrite sometimes! He's so amusing ~ X3
2/27/2008 c15 3IceColdTouch
Glad to see this updated.I have a felling we're going to meet someone new in the chap.Can't wait for more.Update soon!
11/12/2007 c14 merangelgal
Woohoo! Finally Serena and Darien are meeting again! :0) Looking forward to seeing how he reacts to their last meeting! :0) I hope you post the next chapter really really soon!
10/15/2007 c14 IceColdTouch
Long time since you upadted but it was worth it,Are we going to meet Zoi soon.Ami seems a lil soon.Please!
6/6/2007 c13 mystic-damon
the meeting of Serena and Darien! I want to see what happens when they see each other (wasn't Darien the one her first time was with? I can't remember or was that someone else)
6/4/2007 c13 IceColdTouch
Lita and Neph they've waited so long.It was a great chap.Cn't wait for more.L8er!
6/3/2007 c13 merangelgal
Another great chapter in the epic journey! keep up the great work! :0)
4/28/2007 c12 IceColdTouch
Lita and Neph had a really cute momment.To bad Ami and the others walked in.I really do love that you're using all the other characters to.I had a feeling Rei was going to be the next to find her love.It's getting really interesting,I can't wait for the next chap.Till then.
4/28/2007 c12 9micatite
Heh...loved Rei's response to Jadeite's appearance. Lol! Losing any bet would be a bitter pill for her, but especially for this. Very funny. Ami'll make her pay it too. Lita and Neph were very sweet together.

Wonder if Kunzite's going to have a problem with his doppleganger Yaten around. What will Mina do? Which brings up the fact that Zoi could have a hard time with his miss. Taiki's undoubtedly somewhere around there and possibly Urawa/Greg too.

Serena's learned a hard lesson about trying to be too grown up too fast and choices.
4/28/2007 c12 merangelgal
Great chapter! It's so great to have Serena and Darien in the same place at the same time again!
4/18/2007 c11 okuni
I love it.
4/18/2007 c11 Akia
More, more, more, please I want to read more of your great work.
4/17/2007 c11 chibichibi-chan
Wow, great story, I can't wait till the next chapter.

Update soon.
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