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1/26 c29 4Verdauga
1/26 c26 Verdauga
1/26 c25 Verdauga
Ohoho, this is a Fun chapter!
1/26 c24 Verdauga
Yeah, actual Challenges are way better than just Nerfing.
1/26 c24 Verdauga
1/26 c21 Verdauga
Speaking of Cool Tech, you ever heard of Warframe. They've got Neat Stuff.
1/26 c19 Verdauga
Alright, pretty cool to be in One Punch, definitely a bit concerned to see him get his ass handled so thoroughly. The mosquito bit was pretty cool. And I personally can't say I'd ever like restarting in power.
1/26 c18 Verdauga

RoBros are Good.
1/25 c16 Verdauga
1/25 c15 Verdauga
1/25 c14 Verdauga
1/25 c10 Verdauga
1/25 c9 Verdauga
Also, I adore the machines having fun and chilling.
1/25 c9 Verdauga
That's pretty neat. I never did actually put over much thought into how Horizon's machines did or had jobs, but yeah, that's cool.
1/25 c8 Verdauga
Cauldron's are Cool.
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