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for Safe Haven

1/20 c1 nilsrisch184
This is awesome very readable other than my shit
1/20 c2 Kenji

As a fellow Ken, this fic hits on a personal level and the writing is outstanding. The cop seems a bit untrustworthy, that could just be because of the recent events involing cops. But anyway, Red dying reminded me of hisashi's death from high school of the dead and it was pretty interesting to read and compare. Also that whole gym scene was very atmospheric and that angry birds line, while funny, was right on the money. You really did your research with this one. Well, I really hope you continue with this fic and i'll def be here to finish.

Sincerely, Kenji.

p.s. I only wrote it like a letter to be funny lol.
5/19/2021 c1 Kuroimori
and so it begins

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