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9/22 c9 3Detsella Morningdew
I'm smiling a lot, thank you.
8/18 c55 Shepards Spy
What a dick tease of an update

C'mon man
8/16 c55 Guest
8/18 c55 badkidoh
Another great chapter.
8/17 c55 1Cemalidor
Smooth...ies? :XD
8/16 c54 Sheploo
Vulcans... Not just a race, state of mind, too...
8/13 c8 Ideaspool
Is there any chance that Tasha Yar [a.k.a. the single most popular fictional character of Ukrainean heritage to date in any fandom] is still alive - because, somehow, in some bizarre fashion, Shepherd Junior's antics and the ways in which Tasha was obliged by her duties to react to them served to inadvertently give her skills and / or reaction times which enabled her to avoid getting killed by that puddle of black slime with an attitude problem in the penultimate episode of TNG Season 1? Pretty pretty please could Tasha have survived? :) *hugs*
7/29 c47 SensuBeanCartel
And treating the changling like a pokemon?
7/3 c54 badkidoh
Great chapter.
6/28 c54 Armiture
I don't know why, but it took me a while to stop laughing after Shepherd Jr.'s reaction to Data's abandon ship announcement. Thanks for the laughs.
6/26 c54 Cemalidor
Love that bit with everyone looking at Shepherd jr.
But i would have expected maybe some more paranoia from Worf, since i suspect that he had to suffer most from our spook in the making, perhaps aside from Picard himself. :XD Like some half sentence, "but it could be a feint from you."
6/26 c54 Kalaong
6/1 c23 allen.basom
i love your writing style and your wit. I I'm just curious why the Borg didn't just adapt their shields to account for Mrs. Sheppard's sword.
5/28 c40 Julie Q
...Shepherd raises an excellent point. The air-con would be essential to keep him from boiling alive in the suit, while the stereo would help get him into and keep him in the correct mindset for 'rescuing two of the ship's department heads from a highly dangerous situation while heavily outnumbered by goosestepping homicidal maniacs'. :D

...was Shepherd by any chance playing classical music through his battle suit's stereo system? 'Sabotage' by the Beastie Boys, for example? ;)
5/28 c42 Julie Q
Daniels: "Get in, b-, we're doing time s- again!" least, that's what I expected to happen when I first read this chapter's title. ;)

Seeing Mary-Sue Burnham get her arse kicked like this must surely count as therapy. :D

...Wesley broke Shepherd Junior. Oh, frak. This explains so much. Poor Shepherd. Wesley used to be a menace. Now he's a menace with cosmic powers, while Shepherd is stuck in the Delta Quadrant. ...hey, there's an idea - is Wesley going to look in on his childhood best friend who's stuck in the Delta Quadrant sometime?
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