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9/15 c28 141Cosmic Sky
As opposed to the seriousness of the Blue Lions, the Golden Deer’s adventures in the Alliance were pretty comical. Perfectly fitting and it does make for a nice change up. Also in contrast to the rather brute-force retaking of the Kingdom Capital, reigning in the Alliance involved a fair about of subterfuge, which is very thematically fitting.

Just like in-game Lorenz’s father positioned himself perfectly so that no matter what happens, House Gloucester will come out either unscathed or better than ever. It’s rather cold and amoral politicking, but one that actually might pay off in the end; Claude also understood that and accepted it while Raphael was understandably confused by it. He also managed to get them a little Agarthan underling via manipulation, also rather in-character.

“Wyvern-fuckers” sounds rather degrading, but from what we know of Almyra, it feels surprisingly appropriate. That last bit also supports what I personally believe is another reason why the CF ending isn’t as...bright as some make it sound-Claude’s potentially dead and his parents, the king and queen of Almyra, would not be happy. Since no one can point out that the letter is a lie, this means there’s a revenge-hungry Almyran king coming to Fodlan to avenge his (not) dead son. I’m sure that will make things so delicious complicated.

Oh, and nice work showing that the Javelins are a limited resource, in this case by their number. With the Great Bridge of Myrddin gone, Claude and the Deers are essentially stuck and the unified forces can’t crossover into Alliance territory too easily.
9/12 c27 Cosmic Sky
As a matter of fact, I didn’t know that on my first play through, which was the Azure Moon route. Nor did I do Felix’s Paralogue when it opened up leaving me feeling like I had a drastically under equipped Felix. One of the downsides of going into a game totally blind.

And so Gwendal dies as he did in-game, happy as hell Dimitri’s back because he gets a challenge. And it proves to be the death of them, at Ingrid’s hands no less. That one seems kind of fitting since Ingrid is one of the most adherent to the knightly conduct, yet at times she can be one of the leveler headds in the Blue Lions.

Ashe teaming up with Gilbert to help infiltrate the Kingdom capital with Dimitri, that’s quite a fun thing to picture. With the rightful king returning, the turncoats are getting nervous and Cornelia seems only mildly annoyed at best (no doubt because she has an exit strategy). That tidbit about Lord Martriz painted quite a picture about what the turncoats are looking at, not that some of them don’t deserve it for everything they’ve contributed to.

So...Rufus ended up with a fate worse than death. Poor bastard. Since Cornelia couldn’t screw with Dimitri’s head regarding his stepmother, I guess this was the next best thing.

In closing, it seems the race to Shambhala continues where Dimitri will no doubt be gunning for Cornelia even more. Next chapter will feature the Alliance so I’m hoping that Lorenz’s father might make an appearance if possible.
8/28 c26 Scavenger
Pretty interested in this "Adara" character. Wonder how exactly she'll contribute to the story. Also, wow, Macuil advocated for the deaths of children? Guess the guy's got some unattended issues there.

Overall, really excited to see what comes next! Hope you update soon.

P.S. Guest below me, no, it isn't "incest" or "gross". Artificially/magically creating someone doesn't make you related to that someone, and certainly not their "parent"; that's just heavily subjective and not a fact like you seem to think. It's okay to not like a pairing, but actively trying to discourage others because of your own line of thoughts rather than things the game actually said is NOT cool and very jerk-ish. Please try to be more respectful of other people's work.
8/26 c26 S
I like that the Two Natabeans are being involved

Cyril x Rhea Would be a Nice Story concept. A
8/26 c26 Guest
Byleth x Rhea is Rather Gross if you think aboutvit.

Rhea Created Sitri.. That Would make Rhea the grandmother of Byleth.

I Do Agree That Rhea is Aunt or Great Aunt or Great Great Aunt of the Indech and other 2 Brothers because she is Youngest of the first generation of Natabeans Sothis personally Created using her blood.
8/26 c26 Cosmic Sky
You know, that meeting between Rhea and Macuil actually went a bit better than I was expecting. I knew he wouldn’t come easy, but I thought not even the threat of the Agarthans would be enough to get him to budge.

It...honestly doesn’t surprise me that Macuil likely advocated for the deaths of the Ten Elites families, and he’s bulking at the idea of working with their descendants. Indech was rather chill about meeting the descendants of his former enemies, but Macuil is clearly still holding onto the grudge. In fairness, genocide isn’t the sort of thing that’s easy to get over, even if others have (in varying ways). From the sounds of it, Rhea and Seteth may end up having to be the go-between since Macuil’s not going to like partner up with a band of humans, including his old enemy’s off-spring. I’m looking forward to the interactions we may end up getting, especially between Macuil and Claude.

So, in his centuries of isolation, Macuil has...forgone human clothing. That’s actually pretty realistic since he stays in his dragon form thus he likely doesn’t have any more. Good on Rhea to think ahead like that.

And as for her husband, more...peace broking I guess I’d call it. Him meeting Kronya’s sister was unexpected, as well as Kronya having a sister. She seems to be the white sheep of the family. Adara knows at the rate her people are going, no one’s going to be against killing all Agarthans (Macuil is certainly going to be advocating for that) and is trying to stop that from happening. She’s probably right that Byleth, in spite of having suffered at the Agarthan’s hands, would be the most recipient to her plea. Everyone else...that’s going to be another interesting clash of interests. Of course, when the final battle gets here, it’s up in the air if there’ll be a few more like Adara or if they decide they’d rather die than assimilate to a world they hate.
8/19 c25 8psychored1911
I especially like how you wrote the scene with Ferdinand and how he actually is still upset with how things played out. It felt really in character because he's probably the most proud of himself when he's serving and helping his people and when he had no choice but to just realize that there's nothing he can do to help them when they're actively suffering it would just be killing him on the inside and how he doesn't just automatically forgive her. I actually want to see if and how that would play out.
8/19 c25 141Cosmic Sky
Brief as it was, I loved that family moment between Byleth, Rhea, and Leyare. Finally, some interaction between father and daughter; Byleth seems to be taking to fatherhood rather well. I’m happy that he and Rhea have finally got their family back together, and it’s potentially about to grow bigger. From the sounds of things, Leonie and Linhardt’s Paralogue has already happened, and...yeah, he’s met Indech before. Seteth’s certainly going to have an easier time talking to him, Rhea going to go see Macuil, yeah, that’s going to be one hell of tough talk.

Edelgard’s attempts to reconnect with her former housemates...some hits and one critical miss. For the most part, only a handful seemed truly angry with her, but only one too angry for her to reach. All things considered, that’s actually pretty good. She’s willing to help out Linhardt and Hanneman in freeing Lysithea from her two Crests, and that could end up helping her.

Ah, Constance being Constance, that was fun to see. Interrogation indeed, plus it’s nice someone is working on dispelling the Agarthan’s disguise trick.

It seems Caspar and Randolph aren’t going to be making up anytime soon, though the former and Edelgard certainly are. Huh, you know, it’s not surprising that he would be amongst the easiest in burying the hatchet.

Dorothea and Ferdinand though, were understandably harder for Edelgard to make amends with as both of them were rather clear in pointing out the flaws in her initial plan. Oh, and Flayn too, who surprised me. Her reasoning was spot on and frankly, the idea of Nabateans spending the rest of their lives effectively exiled from Fodlan was one of the reasons I could never support Edelgard. She herself seemed to realize she’d have been exiling an entire race from a land that was just as much home to them as it was for humans.

Speaking of humans, Dorothea brought to light another glaring flaw in Edelgard’s merit based system she hadn’t thought of-it could easily be twisted into becoming as corrupt and insufficient as the previous system. Just because someone is talented doesn’t mean that they’re a good or decent person, and it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t use the positions they earn to benefit friends and family. In some cases that’s not exactly bad, but it can easily lead to nepotism off the backs of merit.

Lastly...Ferdinand. He’s definitely felt the pain of being powerless to help his people, which for a person like him is just devastating. Edelgard’s indirect role has certainly made that all the harder, and again, she’s realize that. On the flip side, Ferdinand’s directing some of the guilt toward himself. Maybe they can come together to address some of that guilt so they can move forward and do something to make sure Adrestians have a brighter future.
8/16 c24 8psychored1911
I keep trying to predict the ending in my head but I really can't. This is really good!
8/7 c24 141Cosmic Sky
Lyisthea was the perfect vehicle to introduce the topic of Crests and how they (or aren’t meant) to be applied to humans. Since humans and Nabateans lived together once, it’s only logical to assume intermarriage between the two happened and a solution had to be found to the mortality question. Naturally, it was abused, but Sitri’s case was an interesting one that I figured would draw Lysithea’s attention. having Rhea promise to help Lysithea was a nice bit of interaction.

And speaking of interactions...Hubert’s trying to regain the trust of his former housemates, and I’d say he’s making inroads with Bernadette. The image of him carrying a cake and using it to bait Bernadette is pretty funny to picture (and rather in-line with their relationship). And it’s INCREDIBLY satisfying that Bernadette unintentionally flipped their positions with the rose corsage. Here’s hoping this comes up again!

While Hubert is in urgent need of a reboot, it looks like it fell to Dedue to give Edelgard a pick-me-up. For a man who’s life has been practically one big trauma conga line, he’s remarkably well-adjusted and able to give sound advice and encouragement to the other broken wrecks in the cast. He even smiled at the end to boot after Edelgard took his words to heart.
7/30 c23 Axel363402
It's always good to have stories where all three houses come together.
7/30 c23 Temporal King
And so,the truth has come out and now the real instigators can be dealt with, I do feel that Rhea could’ve been more detailed just slightly...

“The Red Canyon is named red for a reason...the bodies of my brothers and sisters, my cousins, my aunts and uncles. I’ll never forget the state my mother was in when I saw her, the mutilation haunts me still,to this day. I understand very well what Edelgard went through but what I’ve went through isn’t something I would wish on anyone. I did what I did to protect humanity from what happened all those years ago, it’s one thing to talk about it, but it’s another matter to experience it all. If you saw what Fodland once was before my mother undid it, you would feel the same.”

Seteth and Rhea could’ve offered their input and showed their ears. Flayn’s getting a blush out of Ignatz that isn’t gone unnoticed. But what Seteth says is informative...

“Our race varied in shape and size in Dragon form’s. Powerful we were, our only wish was to love in peace with Fodland’s inhabitants. Yet humanity was corrupted, my wife was one of those lost in the tragedy, Flayn’s mother. I sadly have no more access to my Dragon form, I’m not sure why. Flayn on the other hand still has her as well as Rhea’s.”

That takes everyone by surprise and Flayn picks up where Seteth left off...

“We are an endangered species. Me, father, Aunt Rhea, Uncle Macuil and Uncle Indech, we are all that’s left. Yes, if it wasn’t obvious already I am Saint Cethleean and my father is Saint Chihol. And now with Leraye and the Professor make’s us seven, although you could argue the professor is much more than Nabatean. And while he is Nabatean he does not have a Dragon form yet, that will take time as well as other aspects of his new being.”

Although I think Rhea was being too harsh on the Church and her descisions. I kind feel Dimitri should’ve chimed it...

“I disagree Lady Rhea, it is not your fault the Crest System turned corrupt, it is our fault. You might’ve supported it but it was out of need to protect the majority. There hasn’t been true war for 1000 years, that proved it was working yet weakening with age. The Church simply needs to reform and when we deal with the ones who orchestrated everything I look forward to helping the Church take the nessacsry steps to being greater. Nobody is at fault except for the passage of time.”

Both Edelgard and Rhea mean well and technically neither did anything truly evil, more so the latter shows plan showed it’s age but still kept the peace. It just needs to be reformed.

I have to say though I absolutely loved how most of the characters reacted to uniting against the same cause. I even loved Claude’s comment, let’s make history. The revival of a species, justice for victims, the unification of Fodland and the return of the Progenitor God.

Btw I LOVE the new title, that has so much more of an impact. The child’s birth was more miraculous than just saving Edelgard and preserving a species, her birth changed the world, literally. Keep,up the fantastic work.
7/26 c22 Axel363402
I'm enjoying Edelgard and Rhea's interactions.
7/20 c8 1Ace of Spies
Pls don’t lump us Edelgard stand together. I’m reading and loving this fic BECAUSE I’m a stan lol

And will keep reading because it’s awesome
7/20 c21 Axel363402
I'm quite surprised only to know someone is making a story of Edelgard and Rhea making peace.
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